The Bobbitt Family In America

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RANDOLPH BOBBITT       1755 - 1804      Son of John and Amy Bobbitt

Randolph Bobbitt was born in 1755 in what is today Warren County, North Carolina. He was the sixth son of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt.

The plantation of John Richard Bobbitt joined the plantation of Daniel Harris. In the Harris family was a Charles Harris who had married Rachel Edgerton and they had two daughters, Elizabeth and Patience. Both daughters married into the Bobbitt family.

Randolph Bobbitt married Elizabeth Harris in 1773 or 1775 in Warren County, North Carolina. She was very young at the time of their marriage and made their home with John-Richard and Amy Bobbitt. Randolph became the overseer of his father's plantation. He was the most favored with benefits from his father's will written in 1789.

"...The negro girl, Pheby, with her increase is to be equally divided between my two grandchildren, now living with me, to wit: Lewis and John, sons of Randolph Bobbitt ........

"I give and bequeath to my son, Randolph Bobbitt, all that tract of land, I live on, after the use, lent to his mother, supposed to be about three hundred acres and about fifty acres of pine woods. Also a negro fellow named Jesse, also one sorrel horse, five cows and calves, and two other young cattle of his choice .........

John Richard Bobbitt had many grandsons by 1789 but the only ones mentioned in the will were the sons of Randolph Bobbitt. Both sons had to be born before John wrote his will in 1789 and according to the 1790 census had to be born between 1774 and 1790, as they were listed as sons under the age of 16. There is no evidence that John and Lewis were sons from a previous marriage. Apparently Randolph did not marry until 1774.

John Bobbitt married Elizabeth Darden on March 17, 1796 in Warren County. Lewis Bobbitt married Nancy Lancaster on December 29, 1814, in Warren County. Both marriages are recorded.

The only census record of Randolph Bobbitt was made in 1800 in Warren County. 

Randolph Bobbitt: 

2 males under 10 (1790-1800)       2 females 10 - 16 (1784-1790) 

2 males 10 16 (1784-1790)          1 female 26 - 45 (1755-1774) 

1 male 26 45 (1755-1774)

John cannot be listed in the census record, Lewis is listed.

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