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LEE OTIS BOBBITT, SR. 1883 1963 The family lived in Summersville where Lee Otis Bobbitt became Superintendent of Nicholas County schools. Following his term in Pallbearers were Pearl Dooley, John Breckinridge, Ben Brown, James S. King, Arley Johnson, B. N. McCutcheon and William A. Stap MILES BOBBITT 1731 - 1794 A look at some of the records in the life of Miles Bobbitt in chronological order, noting the names of his relatives and neighb On October 5, 1771, Miles Bobbitt purchased an additional 100 acres of land. The deed was recorded in Bute County in Book 3, pa It is impossible to know who was listed in this 1800 census record. We believe that it was the two youngest sons and their wive The deed below gives some insight into the descendants of Miles and Mary Bobbitt, and mentions several of their children. MILES BOBBITT 1792 1861 The entire family is represented in this census record of 1820 in Halifax County, North Carolina. Miles Bobbitt was a successful planter and owned a large plantation. In the 1850 census of Warren County, Miles and his wife, M MILTON BOBBITT 1807 - 1852 Milton Bobbitt married Elizabeth Davis on February 4, 1830 and the marriage was recorded in Rockbridge County. MILES BOBBITT 1843 - 1919 On November 28, 1867 Miles Bobbitt married Mary C. Sledge, in Warrenton. Mary Christian Sledge was a daughter of William Powell OREGON BOBBITT 1817 1893 The children of Oregon and Malinda (Burdette) Bobbitt were: Oregon Bobbitt was a remarkable man. He taught himself to read and write. He had managerial ability and served two terms as a d Oregon Bobbitt died on February 18, 1893 at the age of 77. His death was reported in Greenbrier County by a son-in-law, who did When the group arrived in Springfield, Illinois, they met a family by the name of "Marsh". The mother in the family, I believe The 1900 census records list families by their names, the month and year each was born, their age in 1900, and the state they w Lincoln County, Nebraska, North Platte: 1900 (Balance of family) George W. Bobbitt, son of Tilman Bobbitt .DR. OZRO HAYMOND BOBBITT 1885 - 1978 Son of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt Helen Bobbitt, wife of Dr. Bobbitt is an attractive woman with great social charm. She aspired to the better things in life, an afternoon he examined patients until 5:00 PM, often seeing as many as 80 patients in one afternoon. He was generous with his ti 530 SOLDIER OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR RANDOLPH BOBBITT 1752 - 1835 known and wealthy. Some of the Bobbitt family members were buried in the Towler family cemetery near Sandy Level, Virginia. Th MARCH 31, 1800 - Pittsylvania County , Survey Book 2, page 18. Terry Bobbitt and David Bobbitt were born in the same year, 1814. They were close friends and lived their entire lives in Pitts RANDOLPH BOBBITT 1755 - 1804 Although the records of births of the children of Randolph and Elizabeth Bobbitt look very irregular, we are certain that Rando The records are not entirely reliable and therefore it is likely that John and Lewis Bobbitt are a few years older than we are Randolph Bobbitt was 49 years of age when he died. Elizabeth Bobbitt lived to be 90 years of age. Most of the children died you