The Bobbitt Family In America

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Son of Kinchen and Sally Bobbitt


Burnell Boiseau Bobbitt was the first son of Kinchen and Sally (Dobbin) Bobbitt. There is some question as to whether his name was Burwell or Burnell, but military papers seem to be in agreement with census records in calling him Burnell. Our subject did not like either name and was more frequently called and listed as B. B. Bobbitt.

Burnell Bobbitt was born in Warren County, North Carolina in April 1843. The family was listed in the 1850 census of Warren County as family # 849, on December 4, 1850, Warrenton District.

Kinchen Bobbitt                       44 1806 North Carolina 

Sally M. (Dobbin) Bobbitt        36 1814 North Carolina 

Mary Fletcher Bobbitt             17 1833 North Carolina 

Margaret Bobbitt                     11 1839 North Carolina 

Burnell B. Bobbitt                     7 1843 North Carolina 

Haywood Fletcher Bobbitt         1 1849 North Carolina

The grandfather of Burnell B. Bobbitt was Harris Bobbitt, a son of Stephen and Celah (Harris) Bobbitt. Harris Bobbitt married Partheny Harris. They were all wealthy land and slave owners from this area of North Carolina.

Burnell Bobbitt is mentioned in the will of his father, written on February 5, 1880 and recorded in Warren County in Book 51, page 147. In this will, Burnell was left 150 acres of land in North Carolina.

According to Moore's Roster of North Carolina Confederate Soldiers, Burnell Bobbitt enlisted on August 16, 1861 in Company B of the 30th Regiment. He was wounded at Chancellorsville. Recorded in Volume 2, page 507.

After the War between the States, Burnell went to work for the Norfolk and Western Railroad and lived in Petersburg, Virginia. In 1870, Burnell married Fanny A. Smith a resident of Petersburg and born in Virginia. The family was first listed in the 1880 census of Dinwiddie County, Petersburg District.

Burnell B. Bobbitt                  37 1843 North Carolina 

Fanny A. (Smith) Bobbitt       26 1854 Virginia 

Pauline Bobbitt                       9 1871 Virginia 

Howard Bobbitt                      7 1873 Virginia 

Emmet Bobbitt                       4 1876 Virginia 

Harry Bobbitt                         2 1878 Virginia

Carrie Bobbitt                   1/12 1880 Virginia

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