The Bobbitt Family In America

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The marriage of Charles and Mary Ann Alston is mentioned in a deed recorded in Halifax County in Book 31, page 284.

November 10, 1842:

"From Charles H. Bobbitt of Halifax County to William W. Daniel, Jr., 382 acres of land for five dollars, land where on the said Charles H. Bobbitt now lives, joining Elizabeth Lindsey, William C. Shearin, and others. Plus certain negroes to which Charles H. Bobbitt has the right and title from his wife, Mary Ann Bobbitt."

Nathaniel Bobbitt went with his cousin, Anthony Bobbitt to Mississippi where he was employed as an overseer on the plantation of Joseph J. Davis in Holmes County. He was listed in the 1850 census as 24 years of age.

There are several interesting census records of this family. The 1850 census of Halifax County, lists the family as being counted on September 20, 1850. The family was numbered as 1487.

Charles Bobbitt                   53      (1797)      North Carolina 

Mary (Alston) Bobbitt          49      (1801)      North Carolina 

Gideon C. Bobbitt                26      (1824)      North Carolina 

Dorothea Bobbitt                 21      (1829)      North Carolina 

Betsey Bobbitt                    17      (1833)      North Carolina 

E. (Evelyn) Bobbitt             12      (1838)      North Carolina 

B. (Bluford) Bobbitt            10      (1840)      North Carolina

Frank Bobbitt son of Charles and Mary Ann Bobbitt was listed in the 1850 census of Halifax County as Family # 1059, counted September 5, 1850.

Frank Bobbitt                                28      (1822)      North Carolina 

Susan Adams (black)                      24      (1826)      North Carolina 

William Rand Bobbitt (mulatto)       10      (1830)      North Carolina 

Elizabeth Bobbitt (mulatto)               9      (1841)      North Carolina 

Jane Bobbitt (mulatto)                      7      (1843)      North Carolina 

Augustus Bobbitt (mulatto)               4      (1846)      North Carolina 

Blunt Bobbitt (mulatto)                    2      (1848)      North Carolina

Charles Bobbitt died in 1865 and his children were counted in Halifax County in the census of 1870 as family number 466, on September 9, 1870. Nathaniel had returned home from Mississippi and was living with his brothers and sisters.

Gideon C. Bobbitt           46      (1824)      North Carolina 

Nathaniel Bobbitt             44      (1826)      North Carolina 

Bettie Bobbitt                  29      (1841)      North Carolina

Evelyn Bobbitt                27      (1843)      North Carolina

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