The Bobbitt Family In America

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Gideon, Nathaniel, and Bluford, served in the war between the states for the Confederate cause. Bluford is believed to have died in or during the war.

Dorothy Frances Bobbitt who married Thomas Jefferson Hamill was listed with her family in the 1880 census of Halifax County as family number 251, counted on June 25, 1880. They were living in the township of Butterwood, North Carolina.

Thomas J. Hamill 47 (1833) North Carolina 

Frances D. (Bobbitt) Hamill 49 (1831) North Carolina 

Charles N. Hamill 20 (1860) North Carolina 

Mary A. E. Hamill 18 (1862) North Carolina 

Josephine D. Hamill 16 (1864) North Carolina 

Nattie B. Hamill 14 (1866) North Carolina

In August of 1818, Charles Bobbitt was appointed constable of Warren County. This office had previously been filled by other members of the Bobbitt family. Harris Bobbitt, John Bobbitt, Joshua Bobbitt, Lewis Bobbitt, and James Bobbitt all served as constable before 1850.

By the year of 1900 Evelyn Bobbitt was living with the family of her brother, Frank Bobbitt in Halifax County. Nathaniel was living in Guilford County.

The Bobbitt family lineage of Charles Harris Bobbitt was:

William Bobbitt          1645 - 1703    Anna Sturdivant 

William Bobbitt, Jr.      1675 - 1738   Mary Green

Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.        1704 - 1769   Elizabeth Moore 

Miles Bobbitt            1731 - 1794    Mary Powell

John Bobbitt             1763 - 1837    Patience Harris

Charles Bobbitt          1797 - 1865    Mary Ann Alston

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