The Bobbitt Family In America

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CHARLES BOBBITT      1809 - 1886      Son of John and Nancy Bobbitt

Charles Bobbitt was the second son of John and Nancy (Nuckols) Bobbitt. He was born in 1809 in Grayson County, Virginia. Charles was only 9 years of age when his father died, and he was guided to manhood by various members of the Nuckols family. Although Nancy Bobbitt, mother of Charles, left most of the family wealth in a deed to her eldest son, John Bobbitt, she lived the balance of her life, near the family of Charles.

Charles Bobbitt was named after his grandfather Charles Nuckols. Of the six sons of John and Nancy Bobbitt, only two remained in Virginia. Charles and his brother, George Washington Bobbitt.

Charles Bobbitt was the first of the six sons of John and Nancy Bobbitt to be married. He married Sally DeFries on December 29, 1825 at the court house in nearby Surry County, North Carolina.

The family was first counted in the census of Grayson County,

Virginia in the 1830 census.

Charles Bobbitt: 

2 males under 5 (1825-1830)        1 female 20 - 30 (1800-1810) 

1 male 5 10 (1820-1825) 

1 male 20 30 (1800-1810)

The first five years of their marriage, only sons were born. Their first son was born in December of 1826 and named Clifton Bobbitt. The other two sons were named Calvin and Alexander. No where in Bobbitt genealogy records is there more confusion about ages and the year of birth than in this Charles Bobbitt family. Each census record gives a different age for each member of the family. The 1850 census counted on July 13, 1850 lists all the children who lived to maturity except Clifton, who was away from home. Nancy (Nuckols) Bobbitt was family # 303.

Family # 304:

Charles Bobbitt                 41      1809      Virginia 

Sally (DeFries) Bobbitt       41      1809      North Carolina

(Clifton Bobbitt)               (24)    (1826)   (Virginia) 

Calvin Bobbitt                   22      1828      Virginia 

Alexander Bobbitt              21      1829      Virginia 

Andrew Bobbitt                 16      1834      Virginia 

Martin Bobbitt                   13      1837      Virginia 

George Bobbitt                  11      1839      Virginia 

Samuel Bobbitt                   7      1843      Virginia 

Joseph Bobbitt                    6      1844      Virginia 

Green Bobbitt                     5      1845      Virginia 

Polly Bobbitt                      4      1846      Virginia 

Peyton Bobbitt                   3      1847      Virginia

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