The Bobbitt Family In America

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"Theodore and Amelia Bobbitt started the first Sunday school in the area, then later they proposed and built the first school in the neighborhood, which Theodore Bobbitt taught. Hard and crude as their lives were, they found time to establish the better needs of life. In later years, Theodore was elected to the Nebraska State legislature."

On June 8, 1904, Charles Bobbitt married Ruby Mae Simmons in Seward, Nebraska. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. Two daughters were born to the marriage.

Ruth Simmons Bobbitt       born         July 10, 1906

Jean Amelia Bobbitt           born         April 19, 1912

  Ruth Simmons Bobbitt       married    E. Grinnell Almy Sep. 6, 1930

Jean Amelia Bobbitt           married    Loren B. Almy Apr. 14, 1934

Ruth and Grinnell Almy have two children, Donald Grinnell Almy, and Alison Ruth Almy. They live in Wilmington, Delaware.

Jean and Loren Billings Almy have two children, Lorraine Jean Almy, and Gerald Bobbitt Almy. They live in Olympia, Washington.

After the death of Amelia Bobbitt, mother of Charles, his father, Theodore Newton Bobbitt, made his home with the family of Charles. Theodore Bobbitt died in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 1, 1940. He was buried in the Bobbitt family plot of the Alvo Nebraska cemetery.

Ruth and Grinnell Almy furnished the information for the chapters on Theodore Newton and Charles Everett Bobbitt. It was an interesting and enjoyable exchange of letters concerning the family ancestry. Later we had the opportunity of visiting together in Washington. It is a pleasure to know and count them as part of the Bobbitt family history.

When Charles Bobbitt died in 1960 it was necessary for Ruth Almy to get the services of an attorney in San Antonio Texas. In a national directory of attorney's she found a Robert Lee Bobbitt and engaged his services. The great grandfather of Robert Lee Bobbitt was Tilman Bobbitt who lived in Nebraska in the North Platte area in 1870 to about 1885. They shared common ancestors in Virginia in 1760.

Charles Everett Bobbitt made his home with his daughter Ruth Almy from 1957 until his death on February 17, 1960. He was buried in the Simmons family plot of the Seward Nebraska Cemetery beside his wife, Ruth (Simmons) Bobbitt who died in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 23, 1950.

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