The Bobbitt Family In America

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DRURY BOBBITT SENIOR      1744 - 1826     Son of John and Amy Bobbitt

Drury Bobbitt was the first born son of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt. He was born in what was then called Edgecombe County, on land that is in present day Warren County, North Carolina.

Drury Bobbitt is first mentioned in the records of Bute County, in Deed Book 2. page 42, recorded July 16, 1767.

"John Bobbitt Senior, sold to Peter Smart, 295 acres of land on Reedy Branch and Rocky Branch, for 110 pounds of Virginia money. Land adjoining Joseph Green, Daniel and Francis Acock, exclusive of two acres around the Baptist Meeting House and spring. Witnesses: Joseph Green, Drury Bobbitt. Proved by, Drury Bobbitt in Bute County Court, February 1768."

Drury Bobbitt had to be at least 16 years of age to take part in this legal transaction. He was 23 years of age when this record was made. The records of Sheerwood Bobbitt, son of Drury, prove that he was born in 1763. We also know that Sheerwood was not the first son of Drury Bobbitt. The birth of Drury must be calculated as being in 1744.

Drury Bobbitt married in 1761 and was listed as head of his own household with taxable property in the 1771 Bute County tax lists. Drury Bobbitt married Elizabeth Harris, a daughter of Nathaniel Harris. On January 29, 1773, a deed was recorded in Bute County in Book 5, page 12.6, whereby Drury added to his land holdings.

"Lewis Harris of Southampton County Virginia, to Drury Bobbitt of Bute County. 479 acres of land for 200 pounds of procolmation money. Land in the Parish of St. John, on the south side of Ben's Creek, adjoining Moseley and Mabry. Witnesses: Nathaniel Harris, William Davis. Proved in court by Nathaniel Harris."

Randolph Bobbitt was a brother of Drury Bobbitt. Randolph died in 1804, and at the sale of his estate, Drury and Elizabeth Bobbitt were listed among the purchasers. Randolph Bobbitt had married an Elizabeth Harris, daughter of Charles Harris. Drury married an Elizabeth Harris, daughter of Nathaniel Harris. We believe that Charles and Nathaniel Harris were brothers.

Drury Bobbitt Senior was the first Bobbitt to have "Drury" as a given name.

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