The Bobbitt Family In America

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Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt was not listed in the 1820 census records. She is believed to have died in 1814 before the family moved from Warren County to Moore County.

Descendants of Drury Bobbitt Senior have a copy of his will, which was recorded in Moore County, North Carolina. The original was destroyed in a court house fire in 1889. There are some early records which have been preserved and are in the North Carolina State Archives. In this collection of saved records is a book from the court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. In the book is a record that Drury Bobbitt and Thomas Bobbitt sold land to Thomas Cox in 1826. James Bobbitt was recorded as attending court in 1828 in Moore County.

Descendants of Sheerwood Bobbitt have a copy of a will which Sheerwood wrote in 1827 in which he mentions the legacy of his father who died in Moore County in 1826. Drury Bobbitt Senior is recorded as serving as a member of the Moore County Court as a juryman in 1826 the year that he died. He was 82 years of age and apparently an active and alert man.

Thomas Bobbitt son of Drury Senior, moved to Twiggs County, Georgia. John Bobbitt went to Tennessee. Descendants of Sheerwood lived in Halifax County and in Chatham County.

The Bobbitt family lineage of Drury Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales       1649 - 1703 

John Bobbitt of Chowan             1678 - 1736 

William Bobbitt Senior                1704 - 1768 

John Richard Bobbitt                  1725 - 1791

Drury Bobbitt Senior                  1744 - 1826

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