The Bobbitt Family In America

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Emily Bobbitt sister of Sarah and William, married Jacob Robison on July 16, 1829 in Maury County, Tennessee.

We cannot find any evidence that Drury Bobbitt Junior had any other relatives living in Maury County. There were numerous family names that are associated with North Carolina but none that seemed to be relatives. We know also that there were members of the Park family living here also.

We believe that after the sister of Drury Bobbitt Junior died, the family joined a group of pioneers who were migrating to Tennessee. Drury Bobbitt lived with his daughter, Sarah Bobbitt Hight until his death in 1838. After his death, his son William Bobbitt moved to Mississippi.

The father of Drury Bobbitt Junior moved from Warren County to Moore County North Carolina in 1818. The records of the family in Moore County were burned but evidence indicates that Drury Bobbitt Junior did not live with the family in Moore County, and that he did not remarry after the death of his wife, Lavina.

William, Sarah, and Emily Bobbitt were to young to remember their mother. They were all reared by an Aunt who we believe was named Amy.

The lineage of Drury Bobbitt Junior was:

William Bobbitt from Wales          1649 - 1703      Anna Sturdivant 

John Bobbitt of Chowan               1678 - 1736      Sarah Green 

William Bobbitt Senior                  1704 - 1765      Amy Bennett 

John Richard Bobbitt of Warren    1725 - 1791      Amy Alston 

Drury Bobbitt Senior                     1744 - 1826      Elizabeth Harris 

Drury Bobbitt Junior                     1773 - 1835      Lavina Park

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