The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEWIS BOBBITT JUNIOR       1742 - 1818       Son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt

Lewis Bobbitt Junior was the last son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Bobbitt. Lewis Junior had two brothers who lived to maturity. They were, William Bobbitt born in 1738 and Miles Bobbitt born in 1731. Lewis Bobbitt Junior was born in Amelia County, Virginia, in that section that was formed from Prince George County in 1734. In 1754 that section of Amelia County was taken to form Prince Edward County.

Lewis Junior was not old enough to be taxed in the 1755 Granville County tax list. He was old enough to receive land in 1765 and was listed in later tax lists of the period. The records of Lewis Junior place his birth in 1742.

Lewis did not marry until he was about 31 years of age. In 1773 he married Mary Person, a daughter of William Person Senior. His sister, Martha Bobbitt, married William Person Junior. The first mention of Lewis Bobbitt Junior in the records of North Carolina was in a land deed of Bute County, Deed Book 1, page 4, on October 21, 1766.

"Lewis Bobbitt, to Lewis Bobbitt Junior, both of Bute County. For 35 pounds of Virginia money for 167 acres of land in Bute County on the south side of Reedy Creek. Witnesses: William Person Junior, Hannah Duke. Proved by: Wm. Person Jr."

The Person family and Bobbitt family connections are noticible in a deed recorded in Bute County, Deed Book 3, page 84, recorded September 22, 1769.

"William Person Jr. of Bute County, to Daniel Coleman of Halifax County. For 125 pounds of Virginia money for 640 acres of land in Bute County, on both sides of Reedy Branch, adjoining, Lewis Harris, and Colonel Person. Witnesses: Lewis Bobbitt, Elizabeth Bobbitt. Acknowledged by William Person Jr., Martha Person, his wife, relinguishes her dower rights."

In 1770 Lewis Junior adds to his land holdings with a deed recorded in Bute County in Book 3, page 220.

"Richard Maddrey, to Lewis Bobbitt Junior, both of Bute County. For 15 pounds of Virginia money for 160 acres of land on both sides of a branch of Possum Quarter, adjoining Mathew Duke, Joseph Duke, John Kicker, Richard Maddrey, and Lewis Bobbitt."

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