The Bobbitt Family In America

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LACY BOBBITT       1787 - 1815      Son of John and Sarah Bobbitt


Lacy Bobbitt was the fourth son and fifth child of John and Sarah (Gibson) Bobbitt. Lacy Bobbitt was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. We believe that Sarah Bobbitt mother of Lacy died in 1793 leaving three small children, Lacy, Matilda, and Vincent Bobbitt. Lacy was the eldest of the three and only six years of age, when his mother died. The three children were pared for by their elder brother, James Bobbitt. In 1794 James and his father John Bobbitt moved to Montgomery County, Virginia. James and his younger brothers and sister lived in the home of Captain William and Ann (McKenzie) Bobbitt. In this home was a daughter named Rosanna Bobbitt who helped James care for the younger children. In 1799 James and his first cousin Rosanna Bobbitt were married and they took to their home the young children of John and Sarah Bobbitt. For reasons that cannot be explained, John the widower and father of James, Lacy, Matilda, and Vincent Bobbitt was counted in 1810 as living alone with the ownership of three slaves, in Montgomery County not far from his son, James Bobbitt. Later he went to live with the family of James Bobbitt on land that is today located in Carroll County, Virginia.

In 1813, Lacy Bobbitt at the age of 26, single, joined the army of the newly formed Federal government to serve in the War of 1812. According to records in the National Archives he was listed as a Volunteer and his service records are on roll #19 of the Archives. He entered as a Private in March of 1813 and in August or September was promoted to a Sergeant.

"Lacy Bobbitt, Private, 90th Regiment of the Virginia Militia" March - August 1813.

"Lacy Bobbitt, Sergeant, 7th Regiment Saunder's Virginia Militia"

At the same time Lacy Bobbitt volunteered for military service, his first cousins, Randolph and Caleb Bobbitt also volunteered. His first cousins once removed, Uriah Bobbitt, Thomas Bobbitt and William L. Bobbitt also volunteered. His close friend and first cousin Robert L. Bobbitt also joined the service at the same time Lacy joined. All were from Grayson County Virginia. All went to Norfolk for active duty.

Not only did many members of the Bobbitt family serve in this war from the Grayson County area but many of their relatives by marriage and many of their close family friends went to Norfolk to serve in this last battle for American freedoms.

The distance between Norfolk, Virginia and Hillsville, Virginia is about four hundred miles, probably longer by a wagon and saddle horse route. All the men from Grayson County were stationed at Fort Norfolk, in Norfolk Virginia.

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