The Bobbitt Family In America

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The children of Lemuel and Ellendar Bobbitt who lived to maturity were:

William James Bobbitt     born 1810

Henry A. Bobbitt          born 1812

John Greer Bobbitt        born 1815 

Lemuel D. Bobbitt         born 1819

Selena Bobbitt           born 1822

Elizabeth Bobbitt         born 1823

George Washington Bobbitt      born 1829

Susannah James Bobbitt          born 1832


The 1840 census would indicate that the family consisted of seven sons and three daughters, but I believe that there was only six sons and three daughters. Wiley J. Bobbitt who married Matilda Motes was a son of Henry A. Bobbitt and was frequently at the home of his grandparents, Lemuel and Ellendar Bobbitt.

Marriage records in Montgomery County, Alabama show these marriages for the children:

William James Bobbitt      married 1. Maria Ann W. Lewis Oct. 29, 1849

William James Bobbitt     married 2. Rebecca Lewis ? 1853

John Greer Bobbitt    married Elizabeth McElwain Feb. 9, 1832

Henry A. Bobbitt      married Eliza F. Dandy Jul. 30, 1839

Susannah J. Bobbitt   married William R. Thornton Feb. 10, 1849

Lemuel D. Bobbitt     married Nancy Windham Jan. 1, 1846

Elizabeth Bobbitt     married James A. Adams Jan; 25, 1844 

Selena Bobbitt        married John J. Kallam Jul. 26, 1842


Susannah James Bobbitt was named after her grandmother Bobbitt. When Susannah was married the records of Montgomery County entered the record with the following notations.

"Susannah J. Bobbitt to William R. Thornton, February 10, 1849 by James A. MCGehee, J. P. In 1850 she was 18 years of age and lived next door to Ellendar Bobbitt, widow of Lemuel Bobbitt, aged 60, born in South Carolina."

The 1850 Federal census records lists the families of the children in Alabama and in Mississippi.

Montgomery County, Alabama, counted November 12, 1850, Family # 496

Wiley J. Bobbitt     40 (1810) South Carolina 

Maria Ann Bobbitt    24 (1826) Georgia 

James M. Bobbitt     10 (1840) Alabama 

Franklin W. Bobbitt   6 (1844) Alabama

William James Bobbitt was often referred to as Wiley J. Bobbitt, he was listed as a "carpenter" and the two sons listed here later owned a grocery store.

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