The Bobbitt Family In America

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Montgomery County, Alabama, Family # 307, Counted October 16, 1850.

Henry A. Bobbitt            38 (1812) South Carolina 

Eliza H. (Dandy) Bobbitt 35 (1815) South Carolina 

William H. Bobbitt            9 (1841) Alabama 

Francis E. Bobbitt             8 (1842) Alabama 

Martha E. Bobbitt             6 (1844) Alabama 

Mary J. Bobbitt                5 (1845) Alabama 

John B. Bobbitt                4 (1846) Alabama 

James L. Bobbitt               2 (1848) Alabama 

Martha Dandy (mother-in-law) 67 (1783) Virginia


Henry A. Bobbitt apparently lived his entire life in Montgomery County, Alabama. Henry and Eliza were married in July 1839 and we think their first son was Wiley J. Bobbitt born in 1840 and not listed with the family here.

Kemper County, Mississippi, Family 97, Counted in 1850

J. G. (John Greer) Bobbitt      34 (1816) South Carolina 

Elizabeth (McElwain) Bobbitt 34 (1816) South Carolina 

William Bobbitt                     16 (1834) Alabama 

Nancy Bobbitt                       15 (1835) Alabama 

Benjamin Bobbitt                   12 (1838) Mississippi 

Susan Bobbitt                        11 (1839) Mississippi 

John R. Bobbitt                       8 (1842) Mississippi 

Sybil Bobbitt                           7 (1843) Mississippi 

James F. Bobbitt                      5 (1845) Mississippi 

Robert Bobbitt                         3 (1647) Mississippi 

Zachary T. Bobbitt                   1 (1849) Mississippi


John Greer Bobbitt migrated to Texas during the war between the states and eventually settled in Houston County. He owned a vast cotton plantation on 3,000 acres of land. The family left Alabama in 1837 and most of his children were born in Mississippi.

Kemper County, Mississippi, Family # 100, Counted in 1850

L. D. Lemuel Drury) Bobbitt 31 (1819) South Carolina 

Nancy (Windham) Bobbitt     23 (1827) Alabama 

William L. Bobbitt                   3 (1847) Alabama 

George W. Bobbitt                   2 (1848) Alabama

Lemuel D. Bobbitt and his family did not join the family of John Greer Bobbitt until after the death of Lemuel Bobbitt Senior in 1848. As near as we can tell the families of the daughters of Lemuel and Ellendar moved to Houston and Cherokee Counties Texas. Ellendar apparently lived out her life in the home of George W. Bobbitt, and in the state of Alabama.

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