The Bobbitt Family In America

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Bobbitt my sole executors of this my last will ......

                                                                   LEWIS C. BOBBITT

There are several items that are interesting about this will.  Joseph R. Bobbitt who was born in 1817 was not yet 21 years of age at the date of the will in order to be old enough to own the gun being willed to him. Joseph would not be 21 years of age until the year of 1838. Lewis and Nancy were married in December of 1814, and most of their children were still young when Lewis died. None of the girls were married. Joseph Lancaster is believed to have been a brother of Nancy (Lancaster) Bobbitt.

Lewis and Nancy had one son and eight daughters who lived to maturity. As near as we can tell the children were born as follows.

Matilda Bobbitt      1816 

Joseph R. Bobbitt    1817 

Lucinda Bobbitt      1820 

Martha Bobbitt       1822 

Nancy Bobbitt        1825 

Sally Bobbitt         1826 

Catharine Bobbitt 1827 

Viney Bobbitt       1829 

Harriet Bobbitt    1831


We have found some marriage records of some of the children in Franklin and other nearby counties.

Joseph R. Bobbitt     m. Martha Collins Jan. 12, 1841

Harriet Bobbitt        m. William V.G. Woodard Jan. 19, 1861

Lucinda Bobbitt       m. Wm. F. Hollingsworth Dec. 22, 1840 

Viney Bobbitt          m. Cincinnatus Lancaster Dec. 13, 1851


None of the members of the family were counted in the census of 1840 of Franklin County. We believe this is because they were listed in with the family of Joseph Lancaster. In 1850 the family was counted as:

Family # 685, counted August 31, 1850, Perry's Mill District.

Joseph R. Bobbitt             33 (1817) North Carolina-Blacksmith 

Martha (Collins) Bobbitt   35 (1815) North Carolina 

Sarah Bobbitt                    4 (1846) North Carolina 

Haywood Bobbitt              2 (1848) North Carolina


Family # 999, counted October 2, 1850, Cook's District.

Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt      90 (1760) North Carolina 

Randal Bobbitt                     14 (1836) North Carolina 

John Bobbitt                        11 (1839) North Carolina

Martha Bobbitt                      8 (1842) North Carolina

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