The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEWIS BOBBITT       1816 - 1863      Son of Thomas and Mildred Bobbitt

Lewis Bobbitt was the first child and son of Thomas and Mildred (Dalton) Bobbitt. He was born in 1816 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

In October of 1839, Lewis Bobbitt was a bondsman for David Bobbitt who married Matilda Parker. On the following January 20, 1840, Lewis Bobbitt was married to Catharine Crider. She was a daughter of Andrew Crider. They were married in Pittsylvania County, by Joel T. Adams a minister of the gospel.

Lewis Bobbitt and his wife were counted in the census of 1840 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Lewis Bobbitt:

1 male 20 - 30 (1810-1820)               1 female 20 - 30 (1810-1820)

Lewis Bobbitt made several trips to Ohio before moving his family there in 1847. Unlike other members of the family he moved to Jackson County rather than to Clinton County. The family is counted in the 1860 census of Jackson County, Ohio on July 14, 1860. We believe that this is a complete listing of all the children.

Family # 741, counted July 14, 1860.

Lewis Bobbitt             40 1820 Virginia 

Catharine (Crider) Bobbitt 40 1820 Virginia 

Samuel Bobbitt            17 1843 Virginia 

Thomas Bobbitt            16 1844 Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt          14 1846 Virginia 

Mary A. Bobbitt            13 1847 Virginia 

George E. Bobbitt          12 1848 Ohio 

Martha Bobbitt            10 1850 Ohio 

Lewis Bobbitt              9 1851 Ohio 

John H. Bobbitt            7 1853 Ohio 

James (Harvey) Bobbitt      6 1854 Ohio 

Aminda Bobbitt             4 1856 Ohio 

Joseph Bobbitt             2 1858 Ohio 

David Bobbitt            5/12 1860 Ohio

We believe that this census is the most accurate as to ages. Although, Lewis Bobbitt was born in 1816. Catharine has great difficulty in remembering ages and after this census she is listed as ten years younger than she really was. Lewis Bobbitt died during the War between the States but we cannot find a service record for him.

There were eight sons and four daughters who lived to maturity. Several died young in accidents and sickness.

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