The Bobbitt Family In America

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After the death of Lewis Bobbitt, Catharine moved to Clinton County, Ohio where she lived near the parents of Lewis Bobbitt, and near to the other members of his family, The family was counted in the census of 1870 in Clinton County Ohio.

Family # 204

Catharine (Crider) Bobbitt 40 1830 Virginia 

James Bobbitt                  16 1854 Ohio 

Lewis Bobbitt                  21 1849 Ohio 

John H. Bobbitt               18 1852 Ohio 

Joseph Bobbitt                12 1858 Ohio 

Margaret Bobbitt*                  22 1848 Ohio

Margaret was a niece of Catharine Bobbitt and is counted here as a visitor to the family. Note that Catharine stated she was born in 1830 which has to be wrong. She was married in 1840.

The 1880 census was the first to ask each family member to list where their parents were born. The family was counted on June 16, 1880 in Clinton County, as living in Wilmington. Note that Mary has changed her age to a lower figure by eight years.

Catharine Bobbitt 50 1830 Virginia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 

Mary Bobbitt      25 1855 Virginia Virginia Virginia 

James Bobbitt     23 1857 Ohio Virginia Virginia 

Joseph Bobbitt    21 1859 Ohio Virginia Virginia 

David Bobbitt     20 1860 Ohio Virginia Virginia

Catharine Bobbitt was actually 60 years of age when this census was taken and is believed to have lived to be eighty years of age although she was not counted in the 1900 census.

George Bobbitt was the first of our Bobbitt family to be born in Ohio. George married Martha Taylor and lived his entire life in Clinton County.

Thomas Bobbitt born in 1844 married Tacy McAlister in Clinton County on August 23, 1864.

John H. Bobbitt died at the age of 19 on December 25, 1871 in an accident in which he drowned.

Most of the children married and lived in Ohio with many descendants living in the state at the present time.

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