The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEWIS T. BOBBITT       1819 - 1862       Son of Miles and Susan Bobbitt

Lewis Bobbitt was a son of Miles and Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt. He was born March 26, 1819 in Warren County, North Carolina. Lewis was named after his grandfather, Lewis Bobbitt Junior. His great grandfather was Lewis Bobbitt Senior who went to North Carolina from Virginia in 1753.

Mrs. Virginia Royster has the Bible records of her grandmother, Mourning Eliza Bobbitt, a daughter of Lewis Bobbitt. In the Bible records the name of Lewis has a middle initial of "T". Some of the legal records show a middle initial of "F" or a "T" written as an "F". No one in the family has any knowledge of what the letters may mean. I could not find any records where Lewis Bobbitt signed his name using a middle initial of any kind.

Miles Bobbitt married Susan Gunn in Warren County on October 19, 1814. Miles and Susan Bobbitt had five children, three sons, and two daughters. Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt died in 1825 in Warren County. The children were under the age of ten when Susan Bobbitt died. Miles Bobbitt married for his second wife, Martha Davis of Warren County. They were married on January 1, 1827. There was not any children from the second marriage. Martha (Davis) Bobbitt was considered an excellent mother to the children of Susan Bobbitt. Miles Bobbitt was a wealthy farmer and when he died he left a large estate which was divided among his children and his wife.

Lewis Bobbitt was a talented business man and invested his share of his father's estate in land holdings in Warren and Granville counties. Lewis was a merchant and also ran a very successful plantation. In 1860 he was rated as one of the wealthiest men in Granville County.

When Lewis Bobbitt was 23 years of age he married Ann T. Minor of Granville County. The Minor family was a large and wealthy family. Lewis was married three times, and survived by his last wife, Ann Holmes Walton. The marriages were:

Ann T. Minor,                      married January 20, 1842

Mary F. Minor,                    married October 17, 1855 

Ann Holmes Walton,             married November 17, 1858

Lewis Bobbitt fathered children with each wife. His second wife was a sister to his first wife. His third wife survived Lewis and took the responsibility of looking after the family. Lewis Bobbitt died before any of his children reached the age of maturity. The first two wives of Lewis died young. His first son, Lewis H. Bobbitt was mentally retarded and had to be cared for by his brothers and sisters. The other children became accomplished and respected citizens of North Carolina. Lewis Bobbitt was remarkable for the successes of a short life with many tragedies.

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After the death of Lewis Bobbitt, there were problems about who would take care of the children and who would be paid for keeping the children.  On February 6, 1865, Samuel Bobbitt (brother of Lewis), Samuel A. Williams, and Demitrius E. Young, posted bond to assure that the sum of $30,000.00 would be held in trust for the benefit of all of the children of Lewis Bobbitt.  Samuel Bobbitt was appointed guardian for the children.

On December 18,1865, Ann H. Bobbitt, widow of Lewis Bobbitt, married Colonel Samuel Edwards.  They married in Granville County and Robert B. Gilliam was bondsman for the marriage.  When Ann H. Walton married Lewis Bobbitt, Samuel Edwards was the bondsman for the marriage.  Colonel Edwards and his wife Ann lived on the Lewis Bobbitt plantation.  In the 1870 census they were listed as Family #95, counted August 6, 1870.

Betty Bobbitt             10    (1860)  North Carolina

Walton Bobbitt            7    (1863)  North Carolina

Samuel Edwards        59    (1811)  North Carolina

Ann Edwards (sister)  63    (1807)  North Carolina

Ann H. (Bobbitt) Edwards  42  (1828) North Carolina


Ann Edwards 63 was a sister to Samuel Edwards.  Ann H. (Bobbitt) Edwards was the wife of Colonel Samuel Edwards.  The census taker could not resist listing the family as a Bobbitt family and placed Betty Bobbitt as head of household, simply because it was known as the old Bobbitt homeplace.

Lewis Bobbitt owned a farm and farm house on Fishing Creek in Granville County.  The children of Lewis Bobbitt's first two wives were taken to live on this farm where they were cared for by Mourning Wright, the widow of George Wright, and a grandmother to Mourning Eliza Bobbitt.  The family was listed in the 1870 census as Family #33, counted September 14, 1870.

Eliza Bobbitt          18 (1852)  North Carolina

Anna Bobbitt         15 (1854) North Carolina

Laura Bobbitt        13  (1857) North Carolina

Lewis H. Bobbitt   26  (1844)  North Carolina

Mourning Wright   76  (1794)  North Carolina


Lewis Henry Bobbitt who was mentally retarded was awarded to the care of Benjamin L. Hester by the Granville County court.  Annie Taylor Bobbitt, sister of Lewis H. Bobbitt married Benjamin Lee Hester.  Benjamin Hester is said to have taken excellent care of this invalid member of the family.  Lewis Henry Bobbitt died in the early 1900's in Dutchville, North Carolina.

Laura Bobbitt married a William (?) Hester.  The husband of Annie Bobbitt and the husband of Laura Bobbitt were not knowingly related.


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