The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of Lewis Bobbitt was first recorded in the 1850 census of Warren County. The family was counted on August 4, 1850 as living in the Land Creek District. The family was # 76.

Lewis Bobbitt          30 (1820)North Carolina  

Ann T. (Minor) Bobbitt 24 (1826) North Carolina 

Lewis H. Bobbitt        7 (1843) North Carolina 

John F. Bobbitt         5 (1845) North Carolina 

Susan F. Bobbitt        3 (1847) North Carolina 

George W. Bobbitt    8/12 (1850) North Carolina

Before the 1860 census was taken, Ann T. Minor died in 1854, Lewis married her sister, Mary F. Minor in 1855. In 1857 Mary Bobbitt died and Lewis married Ann Holmes Walton in 1858. The family was counted as Family # 176, Granville County, on June 20, 1860, living in Henderson. In 1881 this section of Granville County was taken to form part of Vance County.

Lewis Bobbitt           41 (1819) North Carolina 

Ann (H. Walton) Bobbitt 34 (1826) North Carolina 

Lewis H. Bobbitt        17 (1843) North Carolina 

John Bobbitt            15 (1845) North Carolina 

Susan Bobbitt           11 (1849North Carolina 

George Bobbitt           9 (1851) North Carolina 

Mourning E. Bobbitt      7 (1853) North Carolina 

Ann Bobbitt             6 (1854) North Carolina 

Laura S. Bobbitt         3 (1857) North Carolina 

Bettie Bobbitt        9/12 (1859) North Carolina

One son was born after the 1860 census record was made. He was named Walton Clark Bobbitt. Lewis Bobbitt died in 1862. The family of Lewis Bobbitt was:

Lewis and Ann T. (Minor) Bobbitt:

Lewis H. Bobbitt         born March 22, 1843

John T. Bobbitt          born May 21, 1845

Susan F. Bobbitt         born November 23, 1847

George W. Bobbitt        born December 14, 1849

Eliza Mourning Bobbitt   born January 17, 1852 

Ann T. Bobbitt          born April 18, 1854


Lewis and Mary P. (Minor) Bobbitt:

Laura T. Bobbitt                    born August 31, 1856


Lewis and Ann Holmes (Walton) Bobbitt:

Bettie Holmes Bobbitt    born September 22, 1859

Walton Clark Bobbitt     born August 23, 1860

James Miles Bobbitt      born March 28, 1862

All the children married except Lewis H. Bobbitt who was mentally retarded, and James Miles Bobbitt who died on June 25, 1862 at the age of three months.

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