The Bobbitt Family In America

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John T. Bobbitt served in the Confederate Navy. After the war he worked in various sections of North Carolina. In 1888 he married Laura F. Smith. In 1891 he moved to Roanoke Virginia.  He and his family was listed in the 1900 federal census as:

J. T. Bobbitt                       May. 1845 55 North Carolina 

Laura F. (Smith) Bobbitt      May. 1861 39 North Carolina 

John M. Bobbitt                  Jul. 1889 10 North Carolina 

M. Frank Bobbitt                Jan. 1892 8 Virginia 

Charles L. Bobbitt               Mar. 1900 3/12 Virginia 

W. L. Smith (bro-in-law)      Apr. 1876 24 North Carolina 

Carrie McHugh (sis-in-law)   Feb. 1874 26 North Carolina


John Thomas Bobbitt married Laura F. Smith on October 3, 1888 at Durham, North Carolina. John died September 18, 1921 at Roanoke. In Virginia John was a successful real estate agent.

George W. Bobbitt lived on the home place in Fishing Creek until about 1885. In 1877 he married Bettie P --------. In 1885 he moved to Marks Creek in Wake County. In the federal census of 1900 he was listed with his entire family as:

George W. Bobbitt      Dec. 1849 50 North Carolina 

Bettie P. Bobbitt         Mar. 1856 44 North Carolina 

Lenna M. Bobbitt        Nov. 1877 22 North Carolina 

Lizzie G. Bobbitt         Feb. 1880 20 North Carolina 

Joseph C. Bobbitt        Aug. 1882 17 North Carolina 

Sidney A. Bobbitt        Aug. 1888 11 North Carolina 

Earl H. Bobbitt            Mar. 1892 8 North Carolina


Walton Clark Bobbitt was the fourth son of Lewis Bobbitt who lived to maturity. Walton married Ella Carraway Hight on February 4, 1884. The family was listed in the 1900 census of Franklin County, on Sandy Creek as:

Walton C. Bobbitt      Aug. 1860 39 North Carolina 

Ella C. Bobbitt           Jun. 1869 30 North Carolina 

Louis W. Bobbitt       Dec. 1884 15 North Carolina 

Clarence R. Bobbitt   Apr. 1887 13 North Carolina 

Boldie 0. Bobbitt       Jun. 1889 10 North Carolina 

Bettie A. Bobbitt       Jul. 1891 8 North Carolina 

St. Clair Bobbitt       Aug. 1896 3 North Carolina 

Willie N. Bobbitt      Jun. 1899 4m North Carolina


Four daughters were born after the 1900 census. The daughters are Mary Roxanna Bobbitt, Ella Magdalene Bobbitt, Annie Lou Bobbitt, and Parrieleigh Mildred Bobbitt. Walton Clark Bobbitt was born on August 23, 1860 and died on August 4, 1927.

Most of the descendants of Lewis Bobbitt now live, or have lived their entire lives in North Carolina.

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