The Bobbitt Family In America

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In the 1850 census records Lewis Bobbitt and his family were listed as living in Warren County. In 1860 Lewis Bobbitt and his family were listed as living in Granville County. In 1881 Vance County was formed from parts of Franklin, Granville, and Warren counties. It was about 1852 when Lewis Bobbitt moved from Warren County to Granville County and settled near the village of Henderson. Henderson is in Vance County at the present time. Most of the Bobbitt families of Warren County were active in the Baptist church. Lewis Bobbitt was instrumental in the founding of the Mt. Carmel Methodist church. An interesting account of the History of Mt. Carmel Methodist Church was written by Elizabeth Savage in 1963.

"Mt. Carmel is one of the oldest Methodist Churches in Vance County.

Salem Church, nine miles from Henderson was the first. Rock Spring Church, a mile from Henderson, was the second. This church was built around 1812 and was used as a camp meeting place. First Methodist Church of Henderson was third. First Methodist Church was completed in 1854.

Mt. Carmel was dedicated in May 1857. The Land for Mt. Carmel Church was deeded in May 1857 by Mr. Terry W. Wyche to Lewis Bobbitt, James R. Satterwhite and William H. Hester, who were the first trustees. (Lewis Bobbitt paid for the land and contributed much of the funds for the building of the church. William H. Hester was the father of Benjamin L. Hester who later married Laura Bobbitt, daughter of Lewis Bobbitt.) An interesting fact about the deed is that it was not given for any particular denomination. The deed reads "to be used as a place of worship."

In the beginning, there were only eight members of Mt. Carmel, and it was organized as a Methodist Protestant Church. These first members were James R. Satterwhite, D. E. Young, G. W. Finch, R. C. Coghill, S. T. J. Harris, Mrs. Susan Satterwhite, Mrs. Mary E. Young and Mrs. Sarah C. Finch.

Mt. Carmel was dedicated by the Rev. Caswell Drake, a circuit rider. Its first Sunday School Superintendent was Zachary Taylor Garrett, who served in that capacity for many years.

Rev. Bethea, who was pastor in the early 1900's was instrumental in remodeling the church. At that time it faced the east, but as new roads were built, the building was turned to face the north. A new steeple was added, also a vestibule and new windows.

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