The Bobbitt Family In America

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The pine panel walls are still the same today, the grain of the wood still polished and shining. Knotty pine floors which were installed when the church was built have been replaced by hardwood. The archway over the pulpit, still in use today, was first hewed by hand by members who must have spent many long hours to accomplish such a wonderful task."

On Sunday November 3, 1974, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for a new building program at Mt. Carmel Methodist Church. There at this ceremony was a granddaughter of Lewis Bobbitt, Ella (Bobbitt) Hedgepeth, daughter of Walton Clark Bobbitt.

Bettie Bobbitt, daughter of Lewis and Ann (Walton) Bobbitt, married Charles W. Finch. Charles Finch was a son of G. W. Finch. Both Lewis Bobbitt and G. W. Finch are on the charter for the establishment of Mt. Carmel Church. A record of the establishment of the church and the first members may be seen in the church at the present time.

The Bobbitt lineage of Lewis Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales 1645 - 1703 

William Bobbitt Junior     1675 - 1738 

Lewis Bobbitt Senior       1704 - 1769 

Lewis Bobbitt Junior       1742 - 1818 

Miles Bobbitt             1792 - 1861 

Lewis Bobbitt             1819 - 1862

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