The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEE HILL (BUD) BOBBITT       1863 - 1964      Son of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt

Lee Hill Bobbitt was the eleventh and last child of William Rufus and Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Bobbitt. He was born April 13, 1863 on a plantation on McMillion's Creek in Nicholas County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

Lee Hill Bobbitt was born during the strife between the States, at a time when the wealth of his father was being depleted because of the war. The mother of Lee Hill Bobbitt was ill with tuberculosis and according to present day medical standards, it is remarkable that Lee Hill Bobbitt lived to maturity, much less more than one hundred years of age. When Lee Bobbitt was just three years of age, his mother died of the then incurable disease.

Matilda (McCoy) Williams, his maternal grandmother came from Gallipolis, Ohio to care for the young children of Rufus and Mary Bobbitt. Matilda rode on horseback for several days until she reached the home of her deceased daughter. She lived in the home of the family until her death in 1867. Shortly after the death of Matilda Williams, Rufus Bobbitt met and married a widow by the name of Jane (Groves) Herold, who had no children of her own. Rufus and Jane were married on May 13, 1867. Jane became the beloved stepmother of Lee Hill Bobbitt when he was four years of age. In 1868 Rufus and Jane Bobbitt became the parents of a son, Neuman Rader Bobbitt who grew to manhood along with Lee Hill Bobbitt.

Permelia (Hill) Bobbitt was the paternal grandmother of Lee Hill Bobbitt. She was a daughter of John and Ann (Overton) Hill of Amherst County, Virginia. Permelia died in Greenbrier County in 1861. The Hill family name was used for the name of Lee Hill Bobbitt. The Lee of his name was from the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The full name was a reflection of the sympathies of Rufus Bobbitt. Early in life, Lee Hill Bobbitt was called "Bud" Bobbitt and the nick-name stayed with him throughout his life.

For the first fourteen years of his life, Lee Hill worked at home and for various neighbor farmers. He worked for Richard Tyree, for fifty cents a day. Later his older brother, John W. Bobbitt married into the Tyree family. During these years Lee Hill Bobbitt was taught to read and write by his stepmother, Jane Bobbitt. He was taught lessons from the Bible by his father. From the county rural schools, Lee Hill received most of his education.

In 1872, when Lee Hill Bobbitt was nine years of age, his father died of tuberculosis. Lee Hill told the story of how he had to go with one of his older brothers to the grist mill in Summersville, while his father was seriously ill. The mill was some seven miles away from home. On his return, he was told that his father had died during the day. By the age of nine, Lee Hill had lost his mother, two sisters, a brother, and his father.

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