The Bobbitt Family In America

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The mental ability of Lee Hill Bobbitt was remarkable. Although he had a keen mind, excellent recall, and a naturally logical mind, it is virtually impossible to understand how he learned to do so many things with such skill. He was an exemplary farmer, husband and father. In addition he performed the duties of an attorney, sheriff, minister, counselor, theologian, teacher, politician, and philosopher. He could be at ease and hold his own position with most of the professionals of each of the mentioned fields of knowledge. He had loyal friends from each and every walk of life.

During the peak of his career and life, his personality was so recognizable and enjoyable, his character so well established, his qualities so well known, that his presence overshadowed the personalities of his wife and children. It was not intentional, it simply could not be helped.

Eugenia Nora Gardner was life's greatest blessing for Lee Hill Bobbitt and he never failed to show his appreciation to both God and man for this singular favor. She was a kind and gentle woman, cheerful, understanding, hard working, and careful about the duties of a wife and mother. She was the kind of person who would have achieved position and been respected, regardless of whether her husband was a West Virginia mountaineer, or a Virginia gentleman.

Lee Hill and Eugenia Nora Bobbitt had four sons and three daughters.

Newman Reid Bobbitt     born Apr. 22, 1888

Vivian Lee Bobbitt      born Sep. 3, 1890

Grace Mary Bobbitt      born Oct. 21, 1892

Mary Ruth Bobbitt       born Nov. 16, 1894

Leslie Edward Bobbitt   born Jun. 17, 1897

William Dudley Bobbitt  born Oct. 30, 1900 

Herman Hester Bobbitt   born Apr. 10, 1908


Newman Bobbitt was born in Nicholas County and was named after a half brother of Lee Hill Bobbitt who died in 1891. All the other children were born in Webster County, West Virginia.

Newman R. Bobbitt   single, died in an accident Aug. 20, 1911 

Vivian L. Bobbitt   married, Shad C. Woods Nov. 11, 1910

Grace M. Bobbitt    single

Mary R. Bobbitt     married, (1) William 0. Starcher Jun. 5, 1944 

Mary R. Bobbitt     married, (2) William Watkins Apr. 11, 1964

Leslie E. Bobbitt   married, Orpha Whitman Oct. 26, 1927

William D. Bobbitt  married, Katherine Easton Aug. 28, 1935

Herman H. Bobbitt         married, Edna Thomas Jun. 1, 1935

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