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LEWIS BOBBITT JUNIOR 1742 - 1818 Son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt Lewis Junior apparently took care of his father and mother and for this reason was more favored by his father when he disposed The census records and the recorded will of Lewis Bobbitt confirm the major events in his life. His will was recorded in Warren From the James Bobbitt Bible and from the census records we have the following dates of birth for the children who lived to LACY BOBBITT 1787 - 1815 In the winter of 1815 many of the poorly clothed and equiped American soldiers died of exposure. Among these was Lacy Bobbitt. on it. Lineberry's answer alleges that John Bobbitt was Lacys father and heir at law. Jacob Lineberry says he heard that John w LEMUEL BOBBITT 1787 - 1848 The children of Lemuel and Ellendar Bobbitt who lived to maturity were: Montgomery County, Alabama, Family # 307, Counted October 16, 1850. LEWIS C. BOBBITT 1784 - 1836 Son of Randolph and Elizabeth Bobbitt There is no doubt that Lewis C. Bobbitt was a Planter of considerable wealth. Living near his home, but separately was the home Bobbitt my sole executors of this my last will ...... Elizabeth Bobbitt is listed as head of household, where she was living with her grandson, Frederick Bobbitt, who for some reaso LEWIS BOBBITT 1816 - 1863 After the death of Lewis Bobbitt, Catharine moved to Clinton County, Ohio where she lived near the parents of Lewis Bobbitt, an LEWIS T. BOBBITT 1819 - 1862 Son of Miles and Susan Bobbitt The family of Lewis Bobbitt was first recorded in the 1850 census of Warren County. The family was counted on August 4, 1850 as In 1860 Lewis Bobbitt had real estate valued at $ 50,000.00 and a personal cash value of $ 40,000.00. He had donated land for N Virginia Dean Royster copied this information from her grandmother's family Bible. Her grandmother was Mourning Eliza Bobbitt, John T. Bobbitt served in the Confederate Navy. After the war he worked in various sections of North Carolina. In 1888 he marri LEWIS BOBBITT AND MT. CARMEL CHURCH The pine panel walls are still the same today, the grain of the wood still polished and shining. Knotty pine floors which were Two of the truly great Bobbitt men of all times. Great Americans and an inspiration to future generations of Bobbitt families. LEE HILL (BUD) BOBBITT 1863 - 1964 When Lee Hill Bobbitt was 16 years of age, his step-mother decided that he should have a better education. She made arrangemen Before Lee Hill and Nora Bobbitt moved to Webster County, Lee had built his own home from hand hewn timbers. Soon after the cou The mental ability of Lee Hill Bobbitt was remarkable. Although he had a keen mind, excellent recall, and a naturally logical m The children of Lee Hill and Nora Bobbitt had a close relationship with their double first cousins, Horace, Mary and Emma Gard Lee Hill Bobbitt was a strong, well-built, tall, handsome man. He had small facial features typical of the Bobbitt family males "Little Kay Wright was then presented, the day being her fourth birthday. As Mr. Bobbitt congratulated and held the hand of the His children were all witnesses to the values he stressed in life. Not one failed to reflect the beautiful spiritual inheritanc A beautiful and touching photograph caught at just the moment when a mother and daughter wish for all the happiness that a marr