The Bobbitt Family In America

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The children of James and Rosanna Bobbitt were: John Bobbitt            born 1800 

Elizabeth Bobbitt      born 1801

Nancy Bobbitt          born 1803

Jane Bobbitt             born 1805

Acenah Bobbitt        born 1807 

William Bobbitt        born 1810

Ann Bobbitt             born 1812

Lacy Bobbitt            born 1815

Celestia Bobbitt        born 1819


The following marriages of the children were recorded mostly in Grayson County, Virginia.

John Bobbitt             m. Patsy Stigall 1834 Lincoln Co. Ky. 

Elizabeth Bobbitt      m. Johnathan Williams 1821 Grayson Co. Va.

Nancy Bobbitt          m. Henry Webb 1823 Grayson Co. Va. 

Jane Bobbitt             m Thomas Moore 1825 Grayson Co. Va.

Acenah Bobbitt       m . Wheeler .... Grayson Co. Va.

William Bobbitt         m. Margaret Carroll 1845 Grayson Co. Va.

Ann Bobbitt              m. William Moore 1831 Grayson Co. Va.

Lacy Bobbitt           m. Single died 1889 Carroll Co. Va.

Celestia Bobbitt       m. Reuben Goad 1835 Grayson Co. Va.


James Bobbitt         born in 1768, married in 1799, died in 1849

Rosanna Bobbitt     born in 1775, married in 1799, died in 1850

James and Rosanna Bobbitt were buried in the Bobbitt-Harris cemetery on the old James Bobbitt farm just south of Hillsville Virginia. Their monuments are of large fine granite but have become so weather-beaten that they are unreadable.

There are numerous descendants of this family in Southwest Virginia today.

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