The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES BOBBITT      1782 - 1846     Son of Lewis and Mary Bobbitt

James Bobbitt was born in Warren County, North Carolina on February 1, 1782. He was the first son of Lewis and Mary (Person) Bobbitt.

On February 10, 1809, James Bobbitt married Mary Gunn in Warren County. Mary Gunn was born in Warren County on January 26, 1790.

After James and Mary were married they moved from North Carolina to Mississippi where their first son and child was born. By 1813 the family had moved back to North Carolina and lived there until about 1819 or 1820.

On August 25, 1818, James Bobbitt was appointed Constable in the Warrenton District of Warren County, North Carolina. In this same year his father died and his will was probated in the May 1818 term of court. James served as Constable until the early spring of 1820.

James and his family, along with the families of his brothers John and Lewis migrated from North Carolina to Rutherford County, Tennessee and were counted there in the 1820 census.

Lewis Bobbitt: 

1 male under 10 (1810-1820)                       1 female under 10 (1810-1820) 

1 male 26 - 45 (1775-1794)                         1 female 26 - 45 (1775-1794)


This we think is a brother of James and that he married Disa Duke. He died young and left a family in Tennessee.

John Bobbitt: 

2 males under 10 (1810-1820)      1 female 45 & over (....-1775) 

1 male 26-45 (1775-1794)


This is John Bobbitt who married Nancy Huse. The female here is Mary (Person) Bobbitt. James Bobbitt

2 males under 10 (1810-1820)          3 females under 10 (1810-1820) 

1 male 10 - 16 (1804-1810)              1 female 26 - 45 (1775-1794) 

1 male 26 - 45 (1775-1794)


This is James Bobbitt and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt. There was also another Lewis Bobbitt family in this area that we are unable to identify at this time. He was born 1794-1804. John Bobbitt eventually moved to Indiana, James moved to the newly formed Gibson County, and Lewis died young.

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