The Bobbitt Family In America

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Gibson County was formed in 1823. James Bobbitt purchased his first land in Gibson County on November 26, 1830. He bought 120 acres from Gideon Harrison for $ 350.00. By 1839 James owned 675 acres of land and by the time of his death he owned 741 acres of land.

James had sixteen slaves who aided him in operating a large farming plantation. In time a community of farm homes developed around the Bobbitt plantation and was first known as Bobbittville. When the Mobile and Ohio Railroad came to the community in 1858 the name was changed to Dyer Station. Actually the town of Dyer was laid-off on lands sold and surveyed by Benjamin F. Bobbitt a son of James Bobbitt.

The children of James and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt were:

William L. Bobbitt                     born Mar. 9, 1810 Mississippi

Dorothy Bobbitt                        born Dec. 24 1811 Mississippi

Henry Bobbitt                           born Dec. 24, 1813 North Carolina

Susan Bobbitt                           born Feb. 23, 1817 North Carolina

Frances Mary Bobbitt               born Jun. 18, 1818 North Carolina

John William Bobbitt                born Jun. 30, 1820 Tennessee

James Bobbitt                          born Nov. 21, 1822 Tennessee

Miles Bobbitt                           born Jun. 3, 1826 Tennessee

Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt       born Nov. 6, 1828 Tennessee

Martha Jane Bobbitt                born Aug. 12, 1832 Tennessee


The children were reared in Tennessee and mostly married in Gibson County or nearby Tennessee Counties.

William L. Bobbitt              m. Harriet M. Fay May. 9, 1833

Dorothy Bobbitt                m. Major William J. Davidson Aug. 30, 1638

Henry Bobbitt                   m. Jane Dinwiddie Sep. 13, 1838

Susan Bobbitt                   m. M. L. Barton Sep. 16, 1838

Frances Mary Bobbitt        m. John H. Dinwiddie Jul. 1, 1840

John William Bobbitt         m. Jane Province Dec. 3, 1845 

James Bobbitt                   m. (1) Eliza Ann Province Feb. 19, 1845

James Bobbitt                   m. (2) Melissa (Hale) Wyatt Feb. 7, 1854 

Miles Bobbitt                    m. Died young at age of 10 Sep. 24, 1836

Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt m. (1) Martha Ann Dinwiddie Feb. 13, 1850

Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt m. (2) Mary Elizabeth Berry Dec. 27, 1854 

Martha Jane Bobbitt          m. Quincy M. Greer Aug. 31, 1848


The family of James and Mary Bobbitt were devout Presbyterians.  Marriage and the family were sacred institutions and highly respected by this family.

Allen Wade Mount, Sr. a descendant of this family gives us an account of each member of the family in his book "Our Bobbitt Family" published in 1972. The book is in the Library of Congress.

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