The Bobbitt Family In America

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James and his family were listed in the 1840 census of Madison County and that record shows that the family of James and his wife had a total of eight sons and three daughters. The children and their year of birth was: Zebulon L. Bobbitt           1816 Chester, South Carolina

Mathew G. Bobbitt          1818 Chester, South Carolina

Stephen J. Bobbitt           1819 York, South Carolina 

Samuel M. Bobbitt          1820 York, South Carolina

Drury J. Bobbitt              1823 York, South Carolina

Isaac L. Bobbitt              1824 York, South Carolina

Malinda J. Bobbitt           1826 York, South Carolina

Silas L. Bobbitt               1827 York, South Carolina

Jane Bobbitt                   1828 Madison County, Tennessee

Caroline Bobbitt             1832 Madison County, Tennessee

Albert Bobbitt                1833 Madison County, Tennessee

Despite a tedius search for marriage records in Gibson and in the surrounding counties we could not find many marriages records for the children. Most of the children married and are in the census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870.

Zebulon L. Bobbitt        m.  Elizabeth Tate .... .. 1837

Mathew G. Bobbitt       m. Martha Williams Dec. 15 1846

Stephen J. Bobbitt        m. Lucy Holt Jan. 16 1845

Samuel M. Bobbitt       m. 

Drury R. Bobbitt          m. Elizabeth Wallace 1845

Isaac L. Bobbitt           m. Hasty Jane Dicken's Dec. 17 1846 

Malinda J. Bobbitt       m. 

Silas L. Bobbitt           m. Emma H. Mayfield Aug. 24 1852

Jane Bobbitt               m. 

Caroline Bobbitt          m. 

Albert Bobbitt             m. Malissa Dickens Sep. 5 1854

The wife of James Bobbitt was living in Madison County in 1840, but she was deceased by the time the census was taken in 1850 of the family living in Gibson County, Tennessee.

Family # 1900, counted December 12, 1850

James Bobbitt        64    1786    South Carolina 

Malinda Bobbitt     24    1826    South Carolina 

Silas Bobbitt          23    1827    South Carolina 

Jane Bobbitt          22    1828    Tennessee 

Caroline Bobbitt    18    1832    Tennessee 

Albert Bobbitt       17    1833    Tennessee

* South Carolina is an error and the information given to the census taker was probably given by Silas Bobbitt who did not know his father was born in North Carolina. In the 1860 census James Bobbitt states that he was born in North Carolina.

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