The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES LEVI BOBBITT      1817 - 1889     Pulaski County, Kentucky

James Levi Bobbitt was born in Pulaski County Kentucky on February 7, 1817. James was the third son, the sixth child, and the last child, of James and Rebecca Day Bobbitt. He was one of the executors of the will of his father.

James married Jane Hubble on December 28, 1841 in Pulaski County. Jane was the daughter of Levi and Jane Hubble and was born in Pulaski County on September 16, 1822.

James lived on land owned by his father. Through the years he purchased shares from the other heirs, purchased many of the adjoining farms, and eventually owned one of the largest farms in the area.

The children of James and Jane (Hubble) Bobbitt were:

Rebecca Bobbitt             born 1842 

Nancy Bobbitt               born 1645 

Sarah Bobbitt                born 1846 

Mary Bobbitt                born 1848 

William L. Bobbitt        born 1850

Susannah Bobbitt          born 1854

Deniza M. Bobbitt        born 1856

John B. Bobbitt            born 1861


The children who married, were married in Pulaski County.

Rebecca Bobbitt              married William Brent Cragg 1866

Nancy Bobbitt                married George M. Claunch 1867 

Sarah Bobbitt                 married Edwin S. Brinkley 1867

Mary Bobbitt                 married Henry H. Brinkley 1866 

William L. Bobbitt         married Alice Jane McHargue 1872

Susannah Bobbitt          single Died in 1946

Deniza M. Bobbitt        single Died young in 1865

John B. Bobbitt            married Nannie Gilmore 1891 

                                   Hessie Miller 1928


James L. and Jane Bobbitt lived their entire lives in Pulaski County Kentucky. James died on July 6, 1889 and Jane died on August 3, 1892. Both were buried in the Old Bobbitt cemetery east of Mark Kentucky.

James L. Bobbitt became the family caretaker and looked after his two unmarried sisters, Nancy Bobbitt and Polly Bobbitt. James and his other sister, Susannah (Bobbitt) McKenzie were the only two of the James and Rebecca Day Bobbitt family to remain in Pulaski County. The other children pioneered to Missouri. For many years James was the postmaster at Valley Oak when it was established in 1866.

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