The Bobbitt Family In America

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SUSANNAH, NANCY, AND POLLY BOBBITT       Daughters of James and Rebecca

Polly Bobbitt was born on August 23, 1813. She never married. She lived with her brother James L. Bobbitt after the death of her parents. Polly died on June 21, 1863 in Pulaski County. She is buried in the Old Bobbitt family cemetery where her parents are buried.

Nancy Bobbitt was born on May 12, 1811. She never married and lived mostly with her brother James L. Bobbitt. She lived for some time with her niece and her family, Rebecca and William Brent Cragg, and died at their home on January 14, 1889. Her brother James L. Bobbitt died the same year and both were buried in the Bobbitt cemetery on Highway 461.

There were many inter-family relationships with the McKenzie, Randall, and Cragg families. For two generations there were double first cousins, in-law marriages etc. Many of these relationships are difficult and time-consuming to decipher, but one of the most important was the Bobbitt-McKenzie family relationships.

George G. McKenzie was a brother to Nancy (McKenzie) Bobbitt, who was the wife of Captain William Bobbitt of Grayson County Virginia. All of the Bobbitt families who went to Pulaski County were sons or descendants of sons of Captain William and Nancy (McKenzie) Bobbitt. Most of the early land surveys made in Pulaski County were made by George G. McKenzie and he undoubtedly had a large family. There are records of George McKenzie and Caleb Bobbitt in Wythe County Virginia in the early 1800's. and there are numerous early records of the McKenzie family in Pulaski County.

Susannah Bobbitt, daughter of James and Rebecca Bobbitt married John McKenzie on December 5, 1813 in Pulaski County. John McKenzie was probably a first cousin once removed to Susannah Bobbitt. Their children were:

Daniel McKenzie born 1824             Elvira McKenzie born 1830

William McKenzie born 1829           Joseph Day McKenzie born 1840 

Molly McKenzie born 18??              Sarah McKenzie born 1833

Micajah McKenzie born 1845          Nancy H. McKenzie born 1821

James McKenzie born 18??


There are several family studies of the McKenzie family in the library of the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort Kentucky.

John McKenzie was born on October 8, 1795 and died on November 1, 1852 and was buried in the Bobbitt Family cemetery. Even though John died young, Susannah apparently did not remarry. She was listed in 1870 with her son Joseph Day McKenzie as being 70 years of age. She probably died in the 70's and was buried in the Bobbitt cemetery, with her husband and several of her sons.

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