The Bobbitt Family In America

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James Bobbitt and Melissa (Hale) (Wyatt) Bobbitt had one son, William James Bobbitt. William was born on December 2, 1854.

James Bobbitt died on May 12, 1857 at the age of 34 at Dyer, Tennessee and was buried in the Bobbitt Cemetery. Less than one month later, his second wife and mother of his son, died at Dyer, on June 16, 1857. Melissa was also buried in the Bobbitt Cemetery.

Death was certainly unkind to this family, but blessed them with the kindness of Christian charity in the character of Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt. Benjamin's first wife had died during or shortly after the birth of their first child and a few months later the child also died. Benjamin married secondly Mary E. Berry, who was born on October 30, 1834. The couple were married on December 27, 1854 and had no children. The 1860 census counts the family in Gibson County. Living with the family are all the children of his brother James Bobbitt. Benjamin and Mary Bobbitt reared the children as if they were their own.

Family # 2804, Dyer Station.

Benjamin Bobbitt                  32 (1828) Tennessee (Merchant) 

Mary E. (Berry) Bobbitt        26 (1854) Tennessee 

Susan J. Bobbitt                    12 (1848) Tennessee 

William Bobbitt                       5 (1855) Tennessee

Mary A. Bobbitt     Not Stated (1846) Tennessee 24 

Eliza Bobbitt             Not Stated (1853) Tennessee 17


William James Bobbitt who at the age of two years lost both of his parents was reared with love and care by Benjamin and Mar), (Berry) Bobbitt. He became a successful farmer and a professional railroad man. He was the grandfather of Allen Wade Mount, Sr.

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