The Bobbitt Family In America

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Many members of the Bobbitt family and their relatives moved from Pulaski County, Kentucky to Missouri. The moving began in 1845, to Howard County, Pettis County, Lawrence County, Linn County and Johnson County.

When the war between the states began, James Washington Bobbitt enlisted as a private in Company F, 9th Battalion, of Missouri Sharp Shooters. His son, Cyrenus Bobbitt, enlisted in Company F, 45th Regiment of Missouri Infrantry Volunteers. Cyrenus enlisted on August 10, 1864 at the age of 19. Both men were fighting for the Confederate causes.

Cyrenus Bobbitt was sent to battle in Johnsonville, Tennessee, where he became ill with measles. He died from Pneumonia on February 12, 1865. He was single.

In 1870 the family was living in Pettis County, Missouri near the post office of Blackwater. The family was counted in the census of that year as family # 15, on August 9, 1870.

James W. Bobbitt     46 (1824) Kentucky 

Nancy Bobbitt        46 (1824) Kentucky 

Permelia Bobbitt     22 (1848) Kentucky 

Marion Bobbitt       17 (1853) Kentucky 

William Bobbitt      15 (1855) Kentucky 

James Bobbitt        10 (1860) Missouri 

Thomas Bobbitt        7 (1863) Missouri 

Franklin Bobbitt      4 (1866) Missouri 

Joseph Bobbitt        2 (1868) Missouri


Joseph Mathew Bobbitt was the last child of this family. He was born in 1867. Eight of the children lived to maturity. The family was an unusual family, reared with strict discipline, and in a very religious atmosphere. Every effort was made to give the children an education and in many instances under the most difficult circumstances.

The children were:

Mary Ann (Polly) Bobbitt          1845 - 1932,    Eureka, Kansas

Cyrenus Bobbitt                       1847 - 1865,    Johnsonville, Tenn.

Permelia Jane Bobbitt               1848 -....

Martha Ellen Bobbitt                1852 - .....    Fredonia, Kansas

George Marion Bobbitt             1853 - 1920

William Bobbitt (Jesse)             1857 - .....    Arkansas

John Bobbitt                            1859 - 1864

James Lincoln Bobbitt              1861 - 1929,    Oklahoma

Thomas Bobbitt                       1863 - 1872

Frank Norris Bobbitt                1865 - 1942,    Wichita, Kansas

Joseph Matthew Bobbitt           1867 - 1932,    Long Beach, Calif.

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