The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT      1785 - 1856     Consort of Permelia Hill Bobbitt

John Bobbitt Junior was a son of John Bobbitt Senior and Sarah (Gibson) Bobbitt of Pittsylvania County Virginia. John was the last child born in this family. We believe that in 1786 his mother died. John Junior was reared by members of the Gibson family of Amherst County Virginia.

The family of John and Sarah (Gibson) Bobbitt was recorded in the tax lists of Pittsylvania County Virginia in 1782, on page 41 of the county tax records.

1782 John Bobbitt, 6 white souls, 1 black

For this particular tax record, the six white souls included John, his wife, and four children. The next tax list in which the family was recorded was taken in 1785 after the birth of John Junior. The tax was recorded in the county records on page 98.

1785 John Bobbitt, 7 white souls, 1 dwelling

The additional white soul in this tax record was John Bobbitt Junior. We know from the 1850 census of Greenbrier County Virginia, that John Junior was 65 years of age, before November 30, 1850. We also know that the tax lists were generally taken in the spring of the year, so that it was likely that John Junior was born in March or April of 1785. Tax lists were made before time to plant crops for the coming summer.

On June 20, 1785, John Bobbitt Senior deeded 100 acres of his property to his eldest son, James Bobbitt. There is no indication that James was married at the time, and no real reason for John to deed this land to his eldest son at this particular time. His youngest son, John Junior, was born in March or April of the same year. We believe that Sarah Gibson died shortly after the birth of John Junior, or perhaps during his birth. John Senior who was in poor health, had just lost his wife, probably felt that the time had come to place the responsibility of the family and their property into the hands of the eldest son. The deed was recorded in Volume 7, pages 450-451, June 20, 1785, in Pittsylvania County Virginia.

"To James Bobbitt from John Bobbitt, to his son, James Bobbitt, a tract of land of 100 acres.... on Hungry Camp Branch ......."

One cannot study the records of John Bobbitt Senior, without realizing that he had a difficult time providing for his family. On February 17, 1794, John and his son James, borrowed money on the above property, with a deed of trust.

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