The Bobbitt Family In America

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The list of children of John and Permelia Bobbitt has been based on records and family information from the counties the family lived in. John and Permelia were married on December 8, 1802 in Amherst County, Virginia.

Birth Record:

Greenville Bobbitt      1803 Amherst County Virginia

Isaac Bobbitt             1804 Amherst County Virginia

Jane Bobbitt              1805 Amherst County Virginia

Tilman Bobbitt          1806 Amherst County Virginia 

Milton Bobbitt          1807 Amherst County Virginia

Sarah Ann Bobbitt    1812 Amherst County Virginia

Gibson Bobbitt                    1813 Amherst County Virginia 

Martha Jane Bobbitt            1815 Amherst County Virginia

Nancy Permelia Bobbitt       1816 Amherst County Virginia

  Oregon Bobbitt                   1817 Amherst County Virginia

Jerdenia Jane Bobbitt    1824 Rockbridge County Virginia 

Mary Frances Bobbitt    1825 Rockbridge County Virginia

Rufus William Bobbitt    1826 Rockbridge County Virginia

James Hill Bobbitt              1828 Monroe County Virginia

Elizabeth Bobbitt                1830 Monroe County Virginia 

Permelia Jane Bobbitt        1831 Monroe County Virginia

The marriages listed here are based on marriage bonds found in the various counties. An * indicates that the marriages were recorded. Most of the marriages were recorded in Monroe and Greenbrier Counties.

Greenville Bobbitt                   married Nancy Ewes 1832 *

Isaac Bobbitt                     (1) married Lillian Laughlin 1830 *

Isaac Bobbitt                     (2) married Elizabeth P. Newkirk 1841* 

Jane Bobbitt                           married Isaac Cockran 1824

Tilman Bobbitt                       married Jane Hill 1830 * 

Milton Bobbitt                        married Elizabeth Davis 1830 *

Sarah Ann Bobbitt                   married Charles W. Johnston 1832 *

Gibson Bobbitt                        married Elizabeth Burdette 1835 * 

Martha Jane Bobbitt                married William Rennel 1830 * 

Nancy Permelia Bobbitt           married John Toothman 1839 *

Oregon Bobbitt                  (1) married Eliza Ann Hill 1842 * 

Oregon Bobbitt                  (2) married Malinda J. Burdette 1854 *

Oregon Bobbitt                  (3) married Margaret Brown 1865 *

Jerdenia Jane Bobbitt              married Capt. Joseph Anderson 1840 *

Mary Frances Bobbitt              married Eli Davis Withrow 1857 *

Rufus William Bobbitt              married Mary Elizabeth Williams 1844

James Hill Bobbitt                   married Ruth Sabina Beard 1857 *

Elizabeth Bobbitt                     married Daniel John Fulkineer 1848 *

Permelia Jane Bobbitt     (1) married Gassaway G. Eggleston 1850 *

Permelia Jane Bobbitt     (2) married John Toothman 1874 *

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