The Bobbitt Family In America

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PERMELIA (HILL) BOBBITT       1786 - 1861      Wife of John Bobbitt 1785 - 1857

Permelia Hill was a daughter of James and Anne (Overton) Hill. She was born in Amherst County Virginia in 1786. She died in Greenbrier County Virginia in 1861. Her father was a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. We think he was buried in Hillsville, Virginia.

In 1786, the Hill family was a large and respected family of Virginia. The family ancestry goes back to the early days of Jamestown in the 1600's. The Overton family had their beginnings in Williamsburg before 1660. Both families were well established in the early colonial days of the Virginia colony.

Permelia was a girl of only sixteen when she married John Bobbitt on December 8, 1802 in Lexington Parish of Amherst County. Uriah L. Bobbitt, a brother of John Bobbitt, and William Watts, the husband of Polly Hill, sister of Permelia, were the bondsmen for the marriage. William Watts did not marry Polly Hill until June 7, 1802.

The will of Sergeant James Hill was recorded in Book 8, page 117, of Amherst County. The will was written in 1818 and probated on June 18, 1831. Ambrose Plunkett was the administrator of the will. Bondsmen for the will were James S. Higginbotham, Lewis P. Simpson, and William McDaniel. The will was witnessed by David B. Daly, James R. Lively, James Ogdon, and Washington M. Norvell. Some of the best family names of Amherst County and later of Greenbrier County.

The will of James Hill named the following heirs:

Son, Thomas D. Hill Nancy Crews, formerly Robinson

Grand daughter, Elizabeth Robinson Permelia Bobbitt 

Wife, Anne Hill Jepitha Plunkett

Son John Hill, deceased Elizabeth Anderson

Polly Watts Susanna Norvell

James Hill, Junior Samuel Hill

Sally Garrett and children Frances Cox Lucy Garvin


The estate was settled by an auction on October 19, 1831. Furnishings brought a total of 

$ 2,542.91 and slaves were valued at an additional $ 2,500.81, not counting slaves given as specific



A codicil to the will indicated that James Hill died in 1831 and that his wife, Anne died before the codicil was written.

The Plantation of James Hill was vast and wealthy. It was located on Lynch road, not far from Amherst County Court House.

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