The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT       1785 - 1868      Son of William and Martha Bobbitt

John Bobbitt was born in Granville County on October 1, 1785. His exact date of birth is taken from the family Bible owned by Louise Bennett Hill of Raleigh, North Carolina. We know that his father was a William Bobbitt, and we believe that his father and mother were William and Martha (Turner) Bobbitt. His father was appointed overseer of roads in Granville County in 1786.

"May 4, 1786: Britten Fuller, William Bobbitt, Cannon Cooper, Samuel Rives, and Isham Kitrell were appointed overseers of roads." Granville Court Minutes 1746-1820.

On the same day, May 4, 1786, William Bobbitt and Joseph Johnston were involved in a suit vs Andrew Armstrong. This is also recorded in Granville County Court Minutes.

No Bobbitt families were listed in Granville County in the census of 1800. The families which should have been listed in Granville County were listed in Franklin County. This is the family of  William Bobbitt and his son John. 

William Bobbitt 

1 male under 10 (1790-1800)                         1 female 45 & over (....-1755) 

1 male 10 - 16 (1784-1790)

1 male 45 & over (....-1755)


The two sons shown in this record are John born in 1785 and Allen born in 1789, although it looks like 1790 depending on when the census was taken and the actual age at the time the census was taken. At some point we know that William Bobbitt of Granville County moved to Franklin County and lived near his son Turner Bobbitt.

There are some curious deeds recorded on the same day in 1805 in Granville County and later in 1809 involving John Bobbitt, Turner Bobbitt, and Britton Bobbitt, all believed to be brothers.

"November 23, 1805, From Turner Bobbitt of Franklin County to John Finch of the same county for $ 400.00, 100 acres in Granville county on Smith's Creek, joining Fletcher, Smith and the creek. Witnesses: Height Finch, Britton Bobbitt." May Court 1806, Book 5, Page 246.

John Finch was the father-in-law of Britton Bobbitt who married Fanny Finch on November 12, 1803. Barbara Finch, daughter of John married Green Bobbitt. On the same day as the above deed, Turner Bobbitt sold land to Britton Bobbitt. The land was located next to John Finch on Smith's Creek in Granville County, and John Bobbitt of Granville County was a witness. John Bobbitt son of Turner Bobbitt was at this time from Franklin County, and not a witness to this deed.

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