The Bobbitt Family In America

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The children were all married either in Franklin County or in Granville County. All the marriages were recorded with the exception of Durell E. Bobbitt.

Arabella Bobbitt           m. Archibald Powell Apr. 11, 1830 Franklin

Durell E. Bobbitt          m. Martha (Allen?) ... ... 1831 Franklin?

Martha E. Bobbitt        m. Wesley Brummitt Dec. 30, 1837 Granville 

Margaret B. Bobbitt     m. John Brummitt Jun. 13, 1843 Granville

William 0. Bobbitt       m. Mary C. Yancey Nov. 18, 1851 Granville 

John J. Bobbitt            m. Mary A. Hunt May. 03, 1859 Granville


The children are listed with their families in various census records.

Family # 4, counted Aug. 3, 1850, Fishing Creek Dist. Granville County

Durell Bobbitt         37 1813 North Carolina 

Martha ? Bobbitt     42 1818 North Carolina 

Claiborn Bobbitt     18 1832 North Carolina 

Lucille Bobbitt        13 1837 North Carolina 

Alexander Bobbitt   11 1839 North Carolina 

Louisa Bobbitt        12 1838 North Carolina 

William Bobbitt        8 1842 North Carolina 

Thomas Bobbitt       6 1844 North Carolina 

James Bobbitt          4 1846 North Carolina


James B. Bobbitt was the last child born in this family. The family was not counted in 1860. Martha Bobbitt died between 1860 and 1870. Durell Bobbitt was still living in 1890.

Family # 479, counted September 13, 1870, Granville County.

John J. Bobbitt                 49 1821 North Carolina 

Mary A. (Hunt) Bobbitt    34 1836 North Carolina 

Francis Bobbitt *              24 1846 North Carolina 

Ophelia J. Bobbitt             19 1851 North Carolina 

Albina Bobbitt (female)*   16 1854 North Carolina 

Etta Bobbitt *                   11 1859 North Carolina 

Margaret Bobbitt                8 1862 North Carolina 

John W. Bobbitt                 6 1864 North Carolina 

Mary A. Bobbitt                 3 1867 North Carolina 

Patty Bobbitt                     1 1869 North Carolina 

William A. Bobbitt -black      19 1851 North Carolina 

Lewis Bobbitt -black             21 1849 North Carolina 

Amanda Bobbitt -black          23 1847 North Carolina


*Children of John J. and Jane(.......... ) Bobbitt. Some believe that her maiden name was also "Hunt". John J. and Jane were married in Granville County in 1845, and made their home with Archibald and Arabella Powell. I cannot find any record of the marriage or of her death. John Bobbitt married Polly (Mary) Hunt the same year that Jane died. John and Mary were recorded in the 1860 census records. We have not been able to locate this family anywhere after this 1870 census record.

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