The Bobbitt Family In America

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Family # 233, counted Sep. 20, 1870, Fishing Creek, Granville Co.

William 0. Bobbitt       40 1830 North Carolina 

Mary C. (Yancey) Bobbitt 34 1836 North Carolina 

Mary Etta Bobbitt        14 1856 North Carolina 

Fillimore Bobbitt        15 1855 North Carolina 

Harriet M. Bobbitt       13 1857 North Carolina


This is the entire family of William 0. Bobbitt. Fillimore Bobbitt went to Arkansas and later moved to Tennessee where he reared a large family.

Living near to William 0. Bobbitt on Fishing Creek and counted in the 1870 census was:

Family # 261, counted Sep. 20, 1870, Fishing Creek, Granville Co.

Durell E. Bobbitt       57 1813 North Carolina

James B. Bobbitt       23 1847 North Carolina


Here the widowed Durell is living with his youngest son.

In the 1880 census Durell E. Bobbitt has the family of his son, Thomas E. Bobbitt living with him and the family was listed in the census taken on Fishing Creek in Granville County on June 4, 1880.

Durell E. Bobbitt                         66 1814 North Carolina

Thomas E. Bobbitt - son            36 1844 North Carolina 

Susannah (York) Bobbitt -DIL    37 1843 North Carolina 

Alexander Bobbitt -grandson       10 1870 North Carolina 

Cora Bobbitt -granddaughter         3      1877 North Carolina 

John T. Bobbitt -grandson            2      1878 North Carolina 

Artelia Bobbitt-granddaughter    1/12 1880 North Carolina


Thomas E. Bobbitt was a soldier in the War between the States and served as a Private in Company A, 21st Regiment. He enlisted on June 6, 1862.

Descendants of this family still live in Granville County, North Carolina.

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