The Bobbitt Family In America

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John B. Bobbitt       1787 - 1860      Son of Turner and Elizabeth Bobbitt

John B. Bobbitt was born in Franklin County, North Carolina. He was the first son of Turner and Elizabeth (Mangum) Bobbitt. John had one brother and five sisters. The family had numerous relatives in Granville, Orange, and Franklin counties.

John Bobbitt married Harriet B. Balridge on June 10, 1816. Harriet Balridge was from Massachusetts. The couple were married in Franklin County and the marriage is recorded. In the 1820 tax lists of Franklin County John Bobbitt is listed as owning property of his own and two slaves. The census records for 1820 are missing for Franklin County.

In the year of 1830 John B. Bobbitt and his wife were counted in the census of Franklin County, North Carolina and in Brunswick County, Virginia. John and Harriet Bobbitt were teachers and we believe that most of the children listed in their family were students and not their own children. We have never found any positive evidence that John and Harriet Bobbitt had any children.

1830 census of Franklin County, North Carolina.

John B. Bobbitt 

1 male under 5 (1825-1830)        1 female 5 10 (1820-1825) 

1 male 5 - 10 (1820-1825)         1 female 10 15 (1815-1820) 

2 males 15 - 20 (1810-1815)       1 female 40 50 (1780-1790) 

1 male 40 - 50 (1780-1790)


The two males 15 - 20 could not be sons of John B. Bobbitt since he did not get married until 1816. What is interesting is that John and his wife were asked to work as teachers in Brunswick County, Virginia and went there before the census was taken for that county in 1830. John and his wife were counted without any children.

1830 census of Brunswick County, Virginia

John B. Bobbitt

1 male 40 - 50 (1780-1790)                              1 female 40 - 50 (1780-1790)


John was 44 years of age in 1830 and the evidence is that he did not have any children of his own. Had he had any children in 1817 or 1818 they would have been 12 and 13 years of age and would most certainly have been with their parents in Brunswick County.

The 1840 census record was taken in Franklin County and the numerous males and females are most certainly students of the academy that John and Harriet established in Lewisburg, North Carolina between 1830 and 1840. There are several interesting deeds recorded which show the beginning of the Academy established by John B. Bobbitt.

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