The Bobbitt Family In America

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The 1850 census of Wake County, North Carolina counted the family and school of John and Harriet Bobbitt on Sept. 4, 1850.

John B. Bobbitt            63 1787 North Carolina 

Harriet (Baldridge) Bobbitt 60 1790 Massachusetts 

Isabella Powell            17 1833 North Carolina 

Sarah Beckham              17 1833 North Carolina 

Martha Bobbitt             25 1825 North Carolina 

Margaret Newberry           7 1843 North Carolina 

Osher Rand (male)           17 1833 North Carolina 

Nathan Patterson           14 1836 North Carolina 

William Collins            11 1839 North Carolina 

John Carpenter             20 1830 North Carolina 

James Carpenter            12 1838 North Carolina 

Alexander Sanders           20 1830 North Carolina


John B. Bobbitt died on June 25 1860 in Raleigh, North Carolina. His wife survived him for about eleven years. Both are supposed to have been buried in Oak Hill cemetery in Raleigh, but I was unable to locate their graves.

On July 5, 1860 the Raleigh Register reported the death of John B. Bobbitt and a rather large obituary was written. The copy that was in the North Carolina State Archives was removed by a researcher and was never returned.

John B. Bobbitt was the only Franklin County graduate of the University of North Carolina before 1810. He was one of the few early educators in the State of North Carolina. Both John and his wife owned several slaves and when his wife was listed in the census of 1860 she was counted as having nine slaves. John B. Bobbitt is believed to have been one of the founders of Lewisburg College.

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