The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT       1789 - 1866        Son of Lewis and Mary Bobbitt

This is the man we refer to as John P. Bobbitt

John Bobbitt was born in Warren County, North Carolina in 1789. We believe that he was a son of Lewis and Mary (Person) Bobbitt. The census records consistently stated that John was born in 1789 and John himself stated in the 1850 census that he was born in North Carolina.

In 1789 the records show a rather complete list of the Bobbitt males who headed families. The 1790 census when compared with the tax lists and land deeds checks out to be a very accurate census. In the census of 1790, Lewis and Mary Bobbitt are listed with their family.

Lewis Bobbitt:

1 male over 16  4 males under 16   4 females all ages  1 slave             (born before 1774) (born after 1774)

A comparative study of all the Bobbitt families and their records in North Carolina, clearly indicate that John Bobbitt could have been born only to Lewis and Mary Bobbitt and later circumstances in the records tend to prove this conclusion.

The sons of Lewis and Mary Bobbitt married young and roamed the trails between Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. John Bobbitt married in 1808 and was living in Tennessee at this early date. Tennessee held many attractions for hunters and farmers with a pioneer spirit and it is certain that the Bobbitt families of North Carolina had knowledge of the advantages of moving to the riches found in Tennessee. Between 1810 and 1830 numerous Bobbitt families moved to Tennessee from both Virginia and North Carolina.

Lewis Bobbitt Junior, husband of Mary Person Bobbitt died in 1818 in May or June. By 1820 three of his sons were living in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and one of his grandsons was living there also. According to Tennessee census records there was a total of seven Bobbitt families living in Tennessee in 1820. They were all related but it is doubtful that they all knew of their respective locations or of their relationship to each other. All the Bobbitt families in Rutherford County were knowingly related and were there for the purpose of establishing their fortunes and rearing their families.

Uriah Bobbitt living in Lincoln County, born between 1775 and 1794 was from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Jubilee Bobbitt born between 1775 and 1794 was living in Giles County, and was from Grayson County, Virginia and Buncombe County, North Carolina.

Drury Bobbitt in Williamson County was the husband of Sarah Bradley and both were from Warren County, North Carolina.

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