The Bobbitt Family In America

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It is important to note in the family of Nicholas Bobbitt that he had a son named Miles. Miles Bobbitt is a particularly important name in this branch of the family and goes back to North Carolina. It shows that this family had a historical knowledge of their ancestry.

Note that the maternal grand parents of John H. Bobbitt are living in his household rather than in the household of their daughter.

The family of John and Nancy (Huse) Bobbitt was:

Jemimah Bobbitt         born 1809 Tennessee

Harrison Bobbitt        born 1810 Tennessee 

Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt  born 1812 Tennessee 

Nicholas Bobbitt        born 1815 Tennessee 

Elizabeth Bobbitt       born 1816 Tennessee 

John H. Bobbitt         born 1817 Alabama 

Mourning Bobbitt        born 1820 Alabama 

Martha Bobbitt          born 1823 Alabama 

James Bobbitt           born 1824 Tennessee 

William Bobbitt         born 1829 Tennessee

Jemimah Bobbitt married Thomas Morris, 12/22/31 Orange, Co. 

Harrison Bobbitt married (1) Lydia Boswell, 11/15/32 Orange, Co. 

                                  married (2) Sarah Curry, 3/6/56 Orange, Co. 

                            married (3) Margaret Condra -/-/59

Mary E. Bobbitt  married Valentine Cook 1830 

Nicholas Bobbitt married Rebecca C. Crittenden 1/31/39 Orange Co.

Elizabeth Bobbitt married Absolom Cook, 12/11/34 Orange, Co. 

John H. Bobbitt  married Catharine Gobble 5/21/33 Orange, Co. 

Mourning Bobbitt married James F. McDonald 9/1/42 Orange, Co. 

Martha Bobbitt   married John Stroud 1843 Orange, Co.

James Bobbitt    married (1)Evaline French 6/28/46 Orange, Co. 

                          married (2) Lydia Holiday 9/20/55 Orange, Co. 

William Bobbitt  married Mary Jane Farrall 1/8/52 Orange, Co.


"History of Orange County, Indiana" published in 1884 has an article about James McDonald which states in part that James McDonald married Miss M. Babbitt, daughter of John and Nancy (Hughes) Babbitt, and to them were born eight children ........ Mourning (Bobbitt) McDonald died November 13, 1859. We have long thought that Huse was used as the name of Hughes and we think that this article confirms our belief. The History of Orange County has several errors but much information that may be corrected and confirmed by the records that are readily available today.

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