The Bobbitt Family In America

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John W. Bobbitt - 1975

In 1700 the boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina was unknown to the early settlers. The government did not have a clear idea of where Virginia ended and North Carolina began. It was of little importance to the pioneers who were interested in obtaining land grants, establishing their homes, and rearing their families. Both colonies were ruled by the same King.

Settlers moved in groups from one location to another in search of the most fertile land for the establishment of their plantations. These groups were made up of relatives, friends, and neighbors. The family names from the Bobbitt settlement in Virginia are the same names that will be found in the Bobbitt settlements of North Carolina. Such names as Alston, Bennett, Williams, Green, Jones, Drury, Wynne, Moore, Shearin, Lancaster, Harris, and Sturdivant, were all in the records of Charles City County Virginia. The same names may be found in the early colonial records of North Carolina.

The first record of our Bobbitt family in North Carolina was that of a land deed to John Bobbitt of Chowan Precinct. This land deed was recorded in Chowan Precinct, record number 1182, page 643. The land is located in present day Halifax North Carolina.

JOHN GREEN of Chowan Precinct, to JOHN BOBBITT of the same precinct, planter, on October 21, 1718, for the love and affection, I bear my brother-in-law, 100 acres of land, on the north side of the Morattock River, on the Camion Meadows, joining the Shokeko Meadow, and the said John Green. witnessed by: Robert Hicks, John Nairne.

From this record we know that John Bobbitt was married. That his wife's maiden name was Green, and that his brother-in-law lived on an adjoining plantation. We know that John Bobbitt was a mature person and probably twenty years of age.

From Bertie County records in Volume 1, record book B, page 46, recorded in 1725, is a record that completes the story.

JOHN BOBBITT and wife, SARAH, to Zekiah Messee, on the 8th day of November, 1725, for ten pounds, for 300 acres of land, on the west side of the Occoneckeh Swamp, adjacent to Robert Long..........

John Bobbitt of Chowan and his wife Sarah (Green) Bobbitt were the first Bobbitt family to live in the colony of North Carolina.

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