The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT      1742 - 1816     Son of James and Elizabeth Bobbitt

OFFICER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION      Second Lieutenant John Bobbitt

John Bobbitt was the first born son of James and Elizabeth (Dalton) Bobbitt. John was born in 1742 in Prince George County, Virginia. Later his family moved into Halifax County, on land which later became Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

The first record of John Bobbitt was a deed of land, as a gift to John Bobbitt from his maternal grandfather, Timothy Dalton. The deed was recorded in Halifax County on January 6, 1764.

"Timothy Dalton, and Elizabeth, his wife, of the County of Bedford, and John Bobbitt of Halifax County, for five shillings, paid by John Bobbitt, for 160 acres of land, on the north side of Pigg River, being the plantation whereon the said John Bobbitt now lives."

The small payment of five shillings was a token payment used to have the deed recorded as a legal gift. Timothy Dalton was the father of Elizabeth Dalton Bobbitt, mother of John Bobbitt. The land in the deed is located in present day Pittsylvania County.

James Bobbitt Senior was the father of John Bobbitt. James died in 1761 and left a will in which he mentions his son, John Bobbitt.

"I give to my son, John, the remaining part of the above mentioned tract of land on the north side of  Pigg River"

"I give to my son, John Bobbitt, the remainder of the land I had of said Dalton, on the north side of Pigg River, he paying the sum of eight pounds in manor above as to the above said Randall (Randolph) Bobbitt."

It was colonial custom for fathers and grandfathers to deed property to their sons and grandsons prior to their marriages. We do not have a marriage record for John Bobbitt to Sarah Gibson, as many of these records were destroyed during the war between the states. We place the marriage of John Bobbitt to Sarah Gibson, in the year of 1764, in Halifax County, when John was 22 years of age.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia was formed from Halifax County in 1767. The Camden Parish register has a list of tithables taken in the year of 1767. In this list of tithables, John Bobbitt was counted as a separate tithable and as head of his household. In 1769 there is a record that John Bobbitt owned 400 acres of land adjoining his brother, William Bobbitt, on Frying Pan Creek.

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