The Bobbitt Family In America

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The list of tithables taken by John Donelson in Camden Parish (present day Pittsylvania County) in June 1767 was recorded in the county records. These names were taken from the list. Richard Bennett                               1 tithable 

John Bobbitt                                    1 tithable 

William Bobbitt and James Bobbitt    2 tithables 

Elizabeth Bobbitt and her negro, Joe  1 tithable


Males 16 years of age or older were tithable (taxable). Women were not tithable unless they were widowed and head of their own household. In 1767, slaves in this county were not taxable. In the list above, Richard Bennett was a son of Elizabeth Dalton (Bennett) Bobbitt by her first marriage to Richard Bennett Senior. Richard was a half brother to John, William, and James Bobbitt. Randolph Bobbitt was too young to be tithable and therefore not listed with his other brothers. James Bobbitt Senior, father of these men, died in 1761. His widow Elizabeth was listed as the head of household and therefore tithable.

The county records show that John Bobbitt was still in the county in 1769.

June 22, 1769, Pittsylvania County, Deeds, page 455.

"John Bobbitt enters 400 acres adjoining William Bobbitt's line and Joseph Waldress's line, on Frying Pan Creek, beginning at a small red oak near William Bobbitt's line."

It is family knowledge that Gibson Bobbitt, son of John Bobbitt Jr. and Permelia Hill Bobbitt was named after his grandmother's maiden surname. The Gibson family was a large and well established family of Pittsylvania and Amherst counties. John Bobbitt married Sarah Gibson in 1764. She was a daughter of George Gibson of Amherst County.

George Gibson Bobbitt, son of John Houston Bobbitt and a grandson of Gibson Bobbitt, was interested in family history. He wrote a detailed account of the family of Gibson Bobbitt of Monroe County, West Virginia. George Gibson Bobbitt knew that his given name came from this great-great-great-grandfather George Gibson.

The Pittsylvania County tax lists for 1782 listed the family of John Bobbitt as a family of "six white souls". The 1785 tax lists show the family of John Bobbitt as "seven white souls". John Bobbitt Junior was born in 1785 according to census records. From various records we have determined the family of John and Sarah Bobbitt to be as follows.

James Bobbitt b 1768                    John Bobbitt Jr. b 1785

Stephen Bobbitt b 1770                 Lacy Bobbitt b 1787

Susan (Sarah) Bobbitt b 1777        Matilda Bobbitt b 1788

Uriah Bobbitt b 1781                    Vincent Bobbitt b 1790

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