The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT JUNIOR      1749 - 1824     Son of John Richard and Amy Bobbitt

John Bobbitt Junior was the third son of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt. John was born in Granville County on land that was later in Bute County and is today in Warren County. John Bobbitt was mentioned in the will of his father written in 1789.

"I give to my son, John Bobbitt, one negro man, now in his care, which I formerly lent him, and twenty shillings in money."

The benefits John received from his father's estate seem small compared to the benefits his brothers received. The land deeds show that John Bobbitt was favored by his father's wealth several times before the will was written in 1789. John Bobbitt was a land trader and a slave trader. He did not live in the family compound in Warren County but on land that was located in Franklin County. John Bobbitt Junior had few transactions with the families of his brothers or cousins.

The name "John" was a favorite in colonial days. John was a favorite name with the Bobbitt family in all of the family branches. It helps to know who some of the John Bobbitt families were during this period of our history.

1678 - 1736 John Bobbitt of Chowan was the first Bobbitt to live in North Carolina. He married Sarah Green. He had two sons, William, Thomas.

1715 - 1791 John Richard Bobbitt was a son of William and Amy (Bennett) Bobbitt. He was a grandson of John of Chowan. John married Amy Alston, and was the father of Drury, Stephen, John, Alston, Isham, Randolph and William Bobbitt.

1744 - 1830 John Bobbitt was the son of William Bobbitt Jr. He lived in Orange County and is believed to have moved to Shelby County, Alabama.

1749 - 1824 John Bobbitt son of John Richard and Amy Bobbitt, married Sarah (Jones) Williams, a widow with one son. He was the father of Claiborn and Archibald Bobbitt. He moved to Warren County, Kentucky where he died in 1824. (Subject of this study).

1763 - 1837 John Bobbitt son of Miles Bobbitt, married Patience Harris. He was a brother of Joshua, Jacob, and William Bobbitt.

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