The Bobbitt Family In America

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John Bobbitt of Sussex County is one of the great links in the Bobbitt family history. His lineage is one of the best documented in our family and his connections between the Virginia and North Carolina families make him a particularly interesting study.

On December 6, 1798 a deed was recorded in Sussex County in Deed Book T, page 251.

Joel Newman and Lucy Newman his wife, of Sussex County and John Bobbitt of the same County ... for the sum of one hundred and sixty pounds, money of Virginia ..... paid by the said John Bobbitt...a tract of land 214 acres westermost branch of Cabinslick Swamp .... to Mathew Whiteheads corner ... to Robert Bollings line.. back to Cabinslick Swamp.....

Robert Newman had married Catherine Bobbitt and there are other records of the Newman family in the Albemarle Parish Records. Robert Bolling had surveyed the land for William Bobbitt Junior in Prince George County, this Robert Bolling was likely his son. This land is mentioned in the will of John Bobbitt of Sussex County.

Robert Edward Bobbitt of Pineville, South Carolina helped me to work out the lineages of this family. Robert is a descendant of Thomas Francis Bobbitt who married Annie M. Whitehead.

It was during a visit with Robert Edward Bobbitt of South Carolina that I discovered the connections between the Virginia and North Carolina families.

John Bobbitt of Sussex County served in the Revolutionary War in the sixth Virginia regiment as a sergeant. There is much to prove that he served along with his brother William under the same command and probably for the same period of time. John never applied for a pension and as near as I can find never received any bounty land.

Much of John's character can be seen in the will that he left. He was loyal to his family and strict in his discipline which was based largely on English customs.

The lineage of John Bobbitt of Sussex was:

William Bobbitt              1649 - 1703

John Bobbitt of Chowan 1678 - 1736

Thomas Bobbitt             1708 - 1759

John Bobbitt of Sussex  1751 - 1822

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