The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BOBBITT      1762 - 1829      Son of Drury and Elizabeth Bobbitt

John Bobbitt was the first son of Drury and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt. He was born in 1762 in what is today Warren County, North Carolina. The Drury Bobbitt Senior plantation was on Ben's Creek in Warren County.

Family tradition says that John Bobbitt married Mary Hazelwood. The records of Warren County confirm this marriage. Mary Hazelwood was the daughter of Randolph and Ann Hazelwood. Her brother was Warrick Hazelwood. Recorded in Book 17, page 173, on March 15, 1811 is this account of the estate of Randolph Hazelwood.

"Account of the sale of the estate of Randolph Hazelwood, deceased, by Warrick Hazelwood, executor: Names; Mrs. (John) Bobbitt, Robert Moore, Hillery Capps, James Bobbitt, John Haithcock, Anthony Dowtain, and Joshua Bobbitt."

One month later, an account of the estate of Ann Hazelwood was recorded in Book 17, page 175, on February 15, 1811.

"Account of the sale of the property of Ann Hazelwood, deceased, by Warrick Hazelwood, administrator. Purchasers; Mary Bobbitt..."

The first daughter of John and Mary (Hazelwood) Bobbitt was named Holly Bobbitt. She was born in 1780 and married William Burrow Junior in 1798. William and Holly (Bobbitt) Burrow were listed in the 1800 census of Warren County, North Carolina.

William Burrow: 

1 male under 10 (1790-1800)                          1 female 16 - 26 (1774-1784) 

1 male 16 - 26 (1774-1784)


The family is William Burrow, Holly (Bobbitt) Burrow and their first son, A. D. (Baldy) Burrow born in 1799. Five children were born to the marriage before 1808. The other children were Jim W. Burrow, Sabrina, Maria, and Holly W. Burrow. William Burrow died in 1808.

The estate settlement was recorded in Book 14, page 293 in November of 1808.

"Account of the sale of the estate of William Burrow, deceased, by Benjamin Kimbell, administrator for Holly Burrow. Names: Holly Burrow, William Burrow, Benjamin Kimbell, Abner Acocke, John Bobbitt, David Newell, James White, William Newell, Drury Bobbitt Senior, and Sheerwood Bobbitt."

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