The Bobbitt Family In America

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We do not know when John Bobbitt died. His name does not appear in any records after 1827. Because of various family moves to other locations we believe that John died in 1828 or 1829. His wife survived him and lived with a married daughter in Moore County.

In the census record of 1820 in Moore County we know that the male 26 to 45 is Green Bobbitt son of John and Mary Bobbitt. Green was living with his father after his marriage in 1813. Barbara Finch Bobbitt wife of Green Bobbitt and their two daughters were living in the same household. The daughters were Matilda born in 1814 and Malissa born in 1817. The male 10 to 16 we think is James W. Bobbitt born in 1804 and a grandson of John and Mary Bobbitt.

It is difficult to know how many children John and Mary Bobbitt had who lived to maturity. We think that most of their children were daughters. The following is the best list we are able to make from the records.

Drury Bobbitt      born 1779

Holly Bobbitt      born 1780

James W. Bobbitt   born 1781

Lively Bobbitt     born 1782

Rebecca Bobbitt    born 1783

Nancy Bobbitt      born 1786

Simpson Bobbitt    born 1788

Green Bobbitt      born 1791


A study of census records fails to identify other members of this family. We are certain that there were other children, but doubt that any were born after 1800.

Children of John and Mary Bobbitt migrated to Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Alabama, after the death of John in Moore County, North Carolina.

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